SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers and CU’s

I'm presenting a summarized "Build Numbers Cube Sheet" as I did so before, so please find the most recent info about SharePoint Updates here:

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Build Matrix:   [ last updated: 2016-12-30 ]

All releases prior to SP1 have been offloaded to this Archive-Page here! If you need to check for previous versions and/or information, you will find it there.

Service Pack 1 will be mandatory requirement for installing any subsequent SharePoint 2013 cumulative updates as the new baseline!
The SharePoint Server 2013 Packs are containing the Foundation Packs and may need only the Server package to be installed!

Version Build # Type Foundation Package (KB) Server Package (KB) Project Server Updates Office Web apps Language specific Notes
SP1-released Apr.2014
fixed Build:
SP 2817439
yes Known Issue
Re-released SP
April 2014 15.0.4605.1004 CU 2863892 2878240 2863899 global Known Issue1
Known Issue2
MS14-022 15.0.4615.1001 PU 2952166 2952166 2952166 n/a Security fix
June 2014 15.0.4623.1001 CU 2881063 2881061 2881051 global Different Build Nr.
July 2014 15.0.4631.1001 CU 2882999 2882989 2883003 global -
August 2014 15.0.4641.1001 Indiv.Fixes,no "Uber" Pack! 2883081 2883085
2883093 global See Post
September 2014 15.0.4649.1001 CU 2883087 2883068 n/a global -
October 2014 15.0.4659.1001 no "Uber" Pack! 2889946 2899469
2889898 global See Post!
November 2014 15.0.4667.1000 CU 2899468 2889944 n/a global See Post
December 2014 15.0.4675.1000 CU 2910945 2910938 2899574 global See Post
February 2015 15.0.4693.1001 CU 2920801 2920804 2956101 global -
March 2015 15.0.4701.1001 CU 2956159 2956166 2956158 global Known Issue
April 2015
15.0.4711.1000 CU 2965261 2965266 2965306 global Known Issue1
Known Issue2
May 2015 15.0.4719.1002 CU 3039747 3039780 3039748 global -
June 2015 15.0.4727.1001 CU 3054864 3054866 3054865 3054863 global -
July 2015 15.0.4737.1000 CU 3054931 3054937 3054933 3054930 global Known Issue    MS15-070
August 2015 15.0.4745.1000 CU 3055004 3055009 3055005 3055003 global Known Issue
MS15-081 n/a PU 3054858 3055003
September 2015 (single patches) n/a no "Uber" Pack! 3085501 3085481 3085501 3085481 3054998 3085483 3054870 3054813 3085501
3085481 3054998 3085483 3054870 3054813
3085487 n/a
September 2015 15.0.4753.1003 CU / Uber!(delayed) 2975894 2986213 2986195 3085487 global Aug.CU required!
MS15-099 n/a - 3085501 3054861 - 3085487 -
MS15-110 n/a PU - - - - - Blog
October 2015 15.0.4763.1002 CU 3085488 3085492 3085489 3085571 global Blog
November 2015 15.0.4771.1000 CU 3101368 3101373 3101369 3101367 global Blog
MS15-116 n/a PU - - - - - Blog
December 2015 15.0.4779.1000 CU 3114339 3114345 3114341 - global Blog
MS16-004 15.0.4787.1000 Sec.Bulletin - 3114503
- - - Known Issue
Januar 2016 15.0.4787.1000 CU 3114492 3114497 3114493 n/a global MS16-004
February 2016 15.0.4797.1001 CU 3114722 3114726 3114723 3114338 global MS16-015
Known Issue
March 2016 15.0.4805.1000 CU 3114822 3114827 3114823 3114821 global MS16-029
April 2016 15.0.4815.1000 CU 3114935 3114938 3114936 3114934 global Known Issue
May 2016 15.0.4823.1003 CU 3115023 3115029 3115024 3115022 global MS16-054
June 2016 15.0.4833.1000 CU 3115171 3115174 3115172 3115170 global MS16-070
Known Issue
July 2016 15.0.4841.1000 CU 3115290 3115293 3115291 3115289 global MS16-088
August 2016 15.0.4849.1000 CU 3115447 3115450 3115448 3115446 global includes Aug.PU
September 2016 15.0.4859.1000 CU 3118271 3118279 3118274 3118270 global MS16-107
October 2016 15.0.4867.1002 CU 3118361 3118366 3118365 3118360 global MS16-121
November 2016 15.0.4875.1000 CU 3127930 3127933 3127931 3127929 global MS16-133
December 2016 15.0.4885.1000 CU 3128001 3128005 3128003 n/a global MS16-148
- - - - - - - - -

The Build number shown in your central admin -> servers in farm's site is the version that comes from the configuration database (table dbo.versions). This does not necessarily match the Number outlined in the KB-articles.

Please see here for more information about the SharePoint Build versions and numbers:

If you want to be sure that you have installed the server CU you also can check it in Central Admin -> Upgrade and Migration -> Check product and patch installation status. This will show you the versions installed.

For SP1:
In order to determine if SP1 is installed for Office 2013 or a related product, look for the program version in the list of installed programs in the Programs and Features control panel. If SP1 is installed, the final (fixed) version will be 15.0.4571.1502 or higher. Additionally, if you've installed the SP1 update for an MSI product, SP1 will be listed in Installed Updates in that same control panel.

You can also use this PowerShell script to display version info for installed SharePoint product and language packs

=> Service Pack 1 for SharePoint and Office 2013


  • If your farm has been on a patch level lower than July 2015 CU: Unlike other CUs – after installing the August 2015 CU you need to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm.
    If you don’t run PSCONFIG after installing August 2015 CU (on a farm which had a lower patch level than July 2015 CU) crawl might no longer work – so ensure to schedule a maintenance window when installing this CU which includes PSCONFIG runs.
    => See here for detail:
  • When you install the cumulative update on a single-server SharePoint farm or on SharePoint servers that include Search Service Application topology roles, you should follow the steps that are mentioned on the following Microsoft website:

Office Web Apps Server 2013:

As of  November, 24th, 2014 the Office Web Apps Server will be removed from the Microsoft Download Center.
At that time it will only be available for download under Volume Licensing agreements.
For more information please visit the site Volume Licensing Service Center.

To see which version of the OWA (also called the "Web Access Components" or "WAC") use the following PowerShell:
PS > (Invoke-WebRequest[“X-OfficeVersion”]

see also here for some more insights:

SharePoint 2013 Language Packs

 Project Server 2013 Updates:

What's New in SharePoint 2013?

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Comments (111)

  1. I could install SharePoint 2013 using SQL 2016 SP1 without any hassle but don’t see any support documentation from Microsoft. Request to share the compatibility document of SharePoint 2013 and SQL 2016.

    1. Hello Sushil Paudel,

      The answer to this question is no, SharePoint 2013 will never be supported on SQL 2016. (with the exception of SSRS integration, see here for more:

      <underline<In general there is a rule of thumb:

      A SharePoint release will support the latest SQL Server version (n) at the time of release as well as the one previous released version (n-1) and one addition/new release of SQL (n+1).
      For the case of SharePoint 2013, the following SQL versions are supported:

      SQL 2014 = n+1
      SQL 2012 = n or aligned with release of SP2013
      SQL 2008 R2 = n-1

      Hth, cheers, Steve

  2. kuniyasu says:

    Please update the information to latest. There is no information of 2017’s.

    1. @kuniyasu: Yes you are right. I am struggeling with time and haven’t updated my list since a while. Will do it soon,

      sorry for that 🙁

  3. Yuosof Radi says:

    As iam exploring the my eBiz SharePoint farm, i found that all license installed are “SharePoint and Project Server 2013 – 15.0.4420.1017 (RTM)”.
    I need your advise and experience about the best paractice for patching this farm.

    1. Hello Yuosof Radi,

      you can install the SP1 on each server in farm, but if you have Language Packs installed as well, you have to install the respective Service Packs for them too.
      Once done, you have to upgrade to SP1 on all your server in farm, regardless if it is a SharePoint or Project server.
      After that, you should consider to install one of the most recent CU’s as well to stay in-line with the current update/upgrade levels.

      Don’t forget to run psconfig Wizard after each update stage and on each server in farm 😉

      cheers, Steve

  4. mardi septianto says:

    Hi Steve
    currently our prod server is sharepoint 2013 SP1 First release + project server 2013 SP1.
    we want to update it all to the recent ones.
    so please correct our strategies if its wrong:
    1. update Sharepoint SP1 rereleased on all servers
    2. update Project server SP1 with the same build number as Sharepoint Rereleased on all servers
    3. update December 2016 CU sharepoint + project server on all servers
    4. Run psconfig one by one on every server

    is that correct?
    or after step 2.. i need to run psconfig first?


    1. Hello mardi septianto,

      after installed SP1 you should run the PSConfig first before upgrading further to Dec. CU.
      The PSConfig Wizard has to be exec. on each server in farm as well to fully apply the SP1 and schema updates all over the places.

      kr, Steve

  5. Larry says:


    Does SharePoint Online have a version nubmer?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Larry,

      SPO of course has a build number but you may never use it. Its just internally to track the update/upgrade level and to file bugs against the respective build.
      Why would you need it?

      kr, Steve

  6. S Sathiya_M_ says:

    Hi Steve,

    I would like to update SP1 to November 2016 KB3127933 from the below baseline version.

    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4571.1502

    DisplayName : Language Pack for SharePoint and Project Server 2013 -Arabic ???????
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4420.1017

    DisplayName : Language Pack for SharePoint and Project Server 2013 – French/Français
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4420.1017

    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4569.1506

    When i was trying to run the CU thru “The expected version of the product was not found on the system.” Could you please help me out here?
    FYR, find the patch status from CA:

    Thanks in advanced.


    1. Hello Sathiya_M,

      your screenshot shows current patch level 15.0.4875.1506 which is equal to “November 2016 CU” so it should be installed already.
      But aside of this, your language packs are not on a proper patch status. They are both (French and arabic) still on RTM version so you need to update the Language packs as well up to SP1 according to the server patch level.
      The SharePoint designer seems on SP1 so only most recent updates here are missing if any. Please find the download for the LP SP1 here: – you need to change the language first, then wati a few seconds until the text shows in the chosen language and now click “Download”.
      HtH, cheers Steve

      1. S Sathiya_M_ says:

        Thank you for your valuable time. I have download and fixed completely.

  7. Bob says:

    Are there any plans of getting Service Pack 2 of SharePoint 2013 Enterprise server in the near future ?

    1. Hi Bob,
      afaik no. Service Packs are usually not only includes all fixes released since RTM. They also may carry some feature upgrades/adds that could enrich the product.
      by now, I’m not able to tell you if this is happening in near future.

      Cheers, Steve

  8. Yannick says:

    Hi, i was wondering what happen with the update , there is no July and august patch but they are available.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Yannick, sorry I was loaded with other tasks so I missed the updates to be posted. pls. appologize, I’ll work off all missing posts and updates quickly.

      1. Thank you Steve. You an Stefan have been the beacon of everything Microsoft releases for SharePoint updates. Look forward to seeing all updates from you on the build versions for SharePoint.


  9. Maro92 says:

    Thanks for this amazing post!

  10. Chris says:

    There is no Uber Pack since September’15 ?
    My SP farm is on last September’15 update and I wait for new Uber to update it.

    Thx for your job !

    1. Hello Chris,

      pretty much anyone except two since September 2015 are UBER Packages, so feel free to download any one of the most recent ones.
      cheers, Steve

      1. Chris says:

        Hello Steve,

        Thanks for your response.
        Today when I searched for OWA CU, I looked that :
        According to Stefan Goßner, it seems that May 2016 CU is an Uber Pack.

      2. Chris says:

        Oups, sorry I read too fast your reply. “anyone except two […] are UBER Packages” Thanks ! 🙂

  11. Chris says:

    Our SP 2013 environment is only at SP1 (15.0.4569.1509). To get it fully updated would you recommend do it incrementally or would it be ok to go straight to one of the more recent CU’s?

    1. Hi Chris,

      you can go straight ahead to one of the most recent CU’s on top of SP1 – no need to do it incrementally.
      There are some special cases but very rare where a certain order must be considered not to break the update chain but not since SP1, so you#re good to go.

      greetz, Steve

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