SharePoint 2016 Build Numbers

Beginning in May 2015, the "What's new in SharePoint 2016" post was published as a first peek view into the next evolution of SharePoint.
With the "November announcement of SharePoint Beta 2" and now in January 2016 the availability of the "SharePoint 2016 release Candidate",
I don't want to miss the tradition in publishing a new "SharePoint 2016 Build numbers" page like I did for the previous versions

SharePoint 2016 Builds

(last updated: 2016-12-30)

Name Build Number Downloads/Kb's Remarks Security Fixes Office Online Server
SharePoint 2016 IT Preview 16.0.4107.1002 Download System Requirements -  
SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 16.0.4306.1002 Download TechNet resources -  
SharePoint 2016 RC (Jan.2016) 16.0.4327.1000 Download Patch for Beta 2 -  
SharePoint 2016 RC updated 16.0.4336.1000 Download - -  
SharePoint 2016 RTM 16.0.4351.1000 Download (Trial) Office Blog -  
April CU 2016 16.0.4366.1000 2920721 First CU release -  
May CU 2016 16.0.4378.1000 3115088 / 2920690 global*/lang.dependent* -  
June CU 2016 16.0.4393.1000 3115181 / 3115184 global*/lang.dependent* MS16-070 3115134
July CU 2016 16.0.4405.1000 3115299 / 3115304 global*/lang.dependent* MS16-088 3115386
August CU 2016 16.0.4417.1000 3115437 / 3115441 global*/lang.dependent* - n/a
September CU 2016 16.0.4432.1003 3118289 / 3118295 global*/lang.dependent* MS16-107 3118299
October CU 2016 16.0.4444.1004 3118372 / 3118376 global*/lang.dependent* MS16-121 3127897
November CU 2016 16.0.4456.1002 3127940 / 3127942 global*/lang.dependent*
Feature Update 1
MS16-133 n/a
December CU 2016 16.0.4471.1000 3128014 / 3128017 global*/lang.dependent* MS16-148 n/a
- - - - - -


* global means: fix will apply to all languages;
* language dependent means: fixes in the language dependent files (i.e. resx, javascript files containing "text" in the respective language, etc.).


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Comments (10)

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for updating this a great help 

  2. Mike says:

    any updates on build version

    1. Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry I will update it soon, just haven’t had the bandwidth yet to do it.

      1. @Mike:
        all done, every Build number post and a new one has been published today 😉

  3. Hi,
    I’m searching for the BuldNumbers of WAC 2016 (Office Online Server – fka Office Web Apps ) and if there are already “CU’s” available?

    i’m just wondering about the MSDN-Version of “Office Online Server May2016” as 16.0.6814.2226
    the LanguagePacks as 16.0.6915.2225
    but after Installation Server stays with 16.0.6814.2226 (much higher than the other Office2016-RTMs)
    but the LanguagePacks result in 16.0.4351.1000 (same as SharePoint 2016 RTM)…

    Thanks for any Hints,

    1. Hi Peter-Michael-Schneider,

      If there is a OOS update shipped along with a SharePoint CU at the same time, I’ll put it into my usual CU posts and also will put a link into the table sheet.

      The new “OOS” (aka Office Online Server) is a complete independent patch line and hence any CU would be published separately for it if not available from Microsoft’s Automated update systems.
      So if you’re sure, you haver installed the correct language pack (for the new OOS – Not WAC/Office Web Apps!!) then it should be updated the same via the Microsoft’s Automated update systems.
      Just check for any updates for office components after installing the LP’s and see if there is another update the may align to the Build version.

      But in general, the Build version for OOS might be different than the Build for SharePoint Server 2016 and/or Office 2016 Client Applications. Basically, they dont need to be in match of each other.

      HtH, Cheers, Steve

  4. Just to add: RTM has build number 16.0.4351.1000

    1. Hey Stefan,
      many thanks, I know I’m a bit behind but will find the time to update all build sheets soon 😉

    1. Hi Piotr,

      In SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 we used to gather this info from what is shown in central admin under “Manage Servers in Farm” which is the version as per configuration database.
      The ones here for 2016 are found when you go to Central Administration\Upgrade and Migration\Check Product and patch installation status. (…/_admin/PatchStatus.aspx)

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