December 2015 CU for SharePoint 2013 is available for download

The product group released the December 2015 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

For December 2015 CU we have full server packages (also known as Uber packages). No other CU is required to fully patch SharePoint.

As this is a common question: Yes, December 2015 CU includes all fixes from December 2015 PU.


Be aware that all Updates for SharePoint 2013 require SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 to be installed first.

Please also have a look at the article that discusses how to properly patch a SharePoint 2013 farm which has Search enabled (see below).

Previous releases of the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update included both the executable and the .CAB file in the same self-extracting executable download. Because of the file size, the SharePoint Server 2013 package has been divided into several separate downloads. One contains the executable file, while the others contain the CAB file. All are necessary and must be placed in the same folder to successfully install the update. All are available by clicking the same Hotfix Download Available link in the KB article for the release.

This CU includes all SharePoint 2013 fixes (including all SharePoint 2013 security fixes) released since SP1. The CU does not include SP1. You need to install SP1 before installing this CU.

The KB articles for December CU should be available at the following locations in a couple of hours:

  • KB 3114339 - SharePoint Foundation 2013 December 2015 CU
  • KB 3114345 - SharePoint Server 2013 December 2015 CU
  • KB 3114341 - SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server December 2015 CU
  • there is no December 2015 CU for Office Web Apps Server 2013

The Full Server Packages for December 2015 CU are available through the following links:

Important: If your farm has been on a patch level lower than July 2015 CU: Unlike other CUs - after installing the December 2015 CU you need to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm.
If you don't run PSCONFIG after installing December 2015 CU (on a farm which had a lower patch level than July 2015 CU) crawl might no longer work - so ensure to schedule a maintenance window when installing this CU which includes PSCONFIG runs.
See here for detail:

Important: If you are using outbound query federation with SharePoint 2013 read this article before planning to install this CU!

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation CU. And the SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server CU contains Project Server CU, SharePoint Server CU and SharePoint Foundation CU.

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Comments (22)

  1. neha narula says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Any known issues reported on the Dec 2015 Cu apart from the outbound search issue that you have already highlighted in your blog entry?

    1. Hi Neha,
      not till now. But ensure to test against your specific configuration in a test environment before applying the patch as always.

  2. FeytensJ says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Where can I find more information about the new feature “Updates Office applications to use configure token to add SharePoint trusted URLs to the trusted zone.”?
    Or can you explain what this feature do exactly?



    1. Hi Feytensj,
      Office client applications need to add some Vanity domain Urls for SharePoint (Online) to the trusted zone in IE to allow cross domain Office integration with SharePoint.
      The Urls are added to the trusted site by the Office client using this programmatic method:
      If vanity URLs change Office client needs to know about these. The fix allows dynamic updates of these Vanity URLs.

  3. Andreas says:

    I am applying this CU into our production environment. I started at 3:00pm and now it is almost 7:00am the next day, the CU patch on the first node is still not finished. Is it normal? I checked the Application Event log. Everything looks normal but just very slow as we have 10 languages. I only requested a 8-hour downtime window and now the users are screaming with HTTP 503 errors. Please help.

    1. Hi Andreas,
      the installation time can be different based on different factors.
      The number of language packs is (e.g.) a major factor.
      If you need assistance I would recommend to open a support case with Microsoft.

  4. Hi,

    What version of the Uber package should I install if I have SharePoint 2013 Standard? Will the Uber package for Foundation have everything needed for the Standard edition or is there another version? The Enterprise edition won’t run on a system with Sharepoint Standard installed.

    1. Hi George,
      SharePoint foundation is far less than SharePoint server standard edition. You need to install the SharePoint server CU.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I’m trying to install the CU in my farm but I get the hint:
    “The expected version of the product was not found on the System”. In SP2013, is there still the 12 months Limit according to your post “Common error message: “The expected version of the product was not found on the system””?
    Actually I’m on CU 11/2014 Level (5.0.4667.1000), so I’m maybe over that 12 month baseline Limit.

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      the error indicates that SP1 for either the base product or one of the language packs is missing.
      Please use the following script to check the patch baseline:


      1. Sebastian says:

        Thank you very much für the quick Response, it’s just a language pack that is not in SP1 Level 🙁 I’ll fix it.

      2. Harsh says:

        Dear Stefan,

        I have installed Dec 15 CU in SharePoint farm. after installation unable to complete configuration wizard successfully. getting error in 9 step. can you help me here.

        1. Hi Harsh,
          please check the PSCDiagnostics_….log for more details about the problem.

  6. Dale says:

    Hello, Stefan.
    I am installing this CU in our production farm this coming weekend. I read the post by “Andreas” on how long his install has run. What would the runtime be for this CU for a single language (providing everything goes normally)? Also, is it that install time *n for each additional language? I have two languages in my production farm and I’m trying to determine how long of an maintenance window to schedule.


    1. Hi Dale,
      sorry I don’t have statistics around that.

  7. Idan Yona says:

    Hi Stefan,
    i completed an update of a farm 2 days ago, and now starting to see really long render times for infopath forms pulliging data to lists or soap web services, is there a known issue around this CU?

    1. Hi Idan,
      I’m not aware of similar report.
      Please open a support ticket with Microsoft if you need help to get this analyzed.

  8. Gregory Murillo says:

    Hi Stefan.

    I am trying to get December’s CU installed. When running it, I am getting this error message: An error occurred while running detection. Do you have an idea what else should I check for?


    1. Hi Gregory,
      I would recommend to check the MSI logs for more details.

  9. Lax says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I installed this CU on one my client servers. It is 11 server installation. But after installation we found that “proc_InsertJunctionBulk” and “proc_SecUpdateUserActiveStatusBulk” something like this so many Store Procedure are missing in all content DB. Due to that we are facing issues like unable to start workflow or can view item but unable to update and etc.
    Could you please help me on this?

    1. Hi Lax,
      please open a support ticket with Microsoft to get this analyzed.

    2. SP says:

      because your store.sql at template\sql folder is not updated probably 😛


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