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Shielded Virtual Machines (SVM)

A Shielded VM is a generation 2 (supported on Windows Server 2012 and later) that has a virtual TPM, is encrypted using BitLocker and can only run on healthy and approved hosts in a guarded fabric. Shielded VMs in a guarded fabric, enable Cloud Service Providers (CSP) or enterprise private cloud administrators to provide a more secure environment for tenant VMs. A guarded fabric is comprised of one Host Guardian Service (HGS)—typically, a cluster of 3 nodes—one or more guarded hosts, running a set of Shielded Virtual Machines.

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Implementation and Management

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Technical Deep Dives

Applicable to Server 2016 covering concepts of: VBS, HVCI, Credential Guard, Device Guard Code Integrity (CI), Measured Boot and remote attestation.

Hyper-V Generation 2 Overviews

Note: for this topic, Parts 1 and 6 are most relevant to the Guarded fabric discussion. Parts 8 and 10 may be useful to for migration scenarios to enable SVMs.




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