Wiki Life: Banner Love!!!

Seeing all the excellent banners (TechNet Wiki Banners and Logo for 2017), made me realize how useful it would be to simply have a link on the Wiki Ninjas blog home page to all the great banners.
And so, on our blog, I added the "Banners" link on the right, to go to the new Banners Wiki page. That way, we can easily get there when grabbing banners to show on the blog! You can click the link to go to the Wiki page (I use middle click to open it in a new tab), click a banner to just view the image, copy the image directly, and then paste the image into the blog post. No saving is necessary. Check out the "Banners" link on the right:
Should the link be on the right pane of the blog post pages as well? Which links should go there? Currently, we don't put any links there. We could put the Wiki Links there and/or the Category links (the days of the week).
What do you think?
- Ninja Ed
PS: This post's banner comes from Vipul Jain.
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  1. pituach says:

    It is good idea to add several links (not to many) on the right pane of the blog post pages (not sure which links yet, but something there can improve)

  2. I added spacing between lines.

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