Wiki Life: Readability Tools

Blog posts that are concise and easy to read make for a better reading experience for the people looking at your articles. What makes an article easily readable and how do you gauge the readability of your writing? In this post, we will look at a few tools that can improve your posts. Background English…


TNWiki Article Spotlight – ASP.NET Core CRUD applications using Angular2

Dear All, Welcome to TechNet Wiki Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight. Today in this blog post we discuss one of my articles related to ASP.NET Core,Angular2 CRUD with Animation using Template Pack, WEB API and EF 1.0.1 In this article I explained Creating CRUD web applications using ASP.NET Core and Angular2: C: (Create): Insert New Student Details…


Wiki Quick tip: Check HTML – get rid of the style tag (*) in your article

(* Except Telerik styles, the ONLY one – built in – allowed) As we see a lot of articles being overloaded with <style> </style> tag, lately, I wanted to shout out to all WikiNinjas to double check all and any Wiki HTML source code and to get rid of the redundant <style> … </style> content. When…


Interview with a SharePoint and C# Wiki Ninja – Prashant Bansal

Welcome to another Interview with a Wiki Ninja! Today’s interview is with… Prashant Bansal Let’s look at some of Prashant’s statistics: 45 Wiki Articles! Microsoft Partner C# Corner MVP (April 2017) Blog: Example articles: SharePoint 2013/SPO: Send email using REST API SharePoint 2013: Develop Remote Event Receivers for List And List Items SharePoint 2013…


Top Contributors Awards! April’2017 Week 3


Welcome back for another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week. First up, the weekly leader board snapshot…   As always, here are the results of another weekly crawl over the updated articles feed.   Most Revisions Award Who has made the most individual revisions   #1 Peter Geelen with 88 revisions.  …


EXCLUSIVE! The #TNWiki lifetime in Numbers

Did you ever wonder how the TNWiki is doing now? 8,765 users have contributed 25,441 pages, 201,205 revisions, and 118,012 comments, 7675 deleted pages (mostly spam content).   That’s not a surprise, for most of us as you can check that on the Wiki landing page. You definitely would want a bit more… How the…


March 2017 – TechNet Guru Winners!


All the votes are in!    And below are the results for the TechNet Guru Awards, March 2017 !!!!   The TechNet Guru Awards celebrate the technical articles on TechNet, contributed from valued wiki authors like YOU! Each month, the contributions are scored by a panel of judges (5 per category, 2-3 in each are MS experts), and the winners…


Friday with International Community Update – Progress in each language (Mar. 2017)

Hello, Wiki Ninjas! Today is Friday with International Community Update. The end of March is as follows: The topic of this month: The 41st Language/Locale appeared!!  Punjabi is the 10th most widely spoken language in the world. Japanese articles increased for the first time in 1 year. The appearance of Punjabi was February. Thank you…