Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Who’s Next?

Happy Happy 4th of July!


It's time again to dig into the community and ask everyone... who should we interview next?


This is a sequel of sorts to these previous blog posts:


Whilst reading this, it would be great if you came up with ideas of who we should interview next and leave your ideas in a comment!

Here is who I think we should interview (listed with the most Wiki articles on the top)…

1. Kamlesh Kumar

[Kamlesh Kumar]'s avatar

Kamlesh has been translating Hindi articles for us and has an astounding 79 articles! You can check out his blog:

Example articles:

2. Waqas Sarwar

Waqas Sarwar(MCSE 2013)'s avatar

Waqas is an MCSE and focuses on SharePoint. He has authored 75 articles!

Example articles:

3. Inderjeet Singh Jaggi

Inderjeet Singh Jaggi's avatar

Inderjeet has been with us for quite awhile, he has 44 Wiki articles, and he’s an MVP! Why haven’t we interviewed him??? Why? WHYYYY????

Example articles:

4. Wim Beck

Wim Beck's avatar

Wim’s been around for quite awhile as an expert in FIM! So I’m super glad that we are going to try to interview him!

Wim has completed 11 Wiki articles about FIM, and you can see how high quality they are! He won the FIM gold medal in December!

Example articles:

5. Vivek Jagga

Vivek Jagga's avatar

Vivek has completed 11 Wiki articles, in SharePoint.

Example articles:

6. Ryen Kia Zhi Tang

Ryen Kia Zhi Tang's avatar

Ryen has completed 9 Wiki articles and is a Microsoft MVP. Check out his blog:

Example articles:


So please reply below with other people we should interview!


Have a wonderful bye!

– Ninja Ed

Comments (18)

  1. Wow all are very good authors ,I know few very active members in the list.Waiting to read Interview to know more about them :).Congrats and Best wishes to all the Authors listed here.

  2. really feel good, that i am in the list for next…:) All deserve it.

    1. Yes, thank you Waqas for all your help! I need to email you the questions. I’ll do that now. Thanks!

  3. pituach says:

    Grate list 🙂

    Most of these members also VERY active in the TechNet WIKI on Facebook groups. You cannot see it in the profile (yet). Some of them published a link in the Facebook group to their articles, and I remember that I read their articles, which were awesome.

    > Kamlesh Kumar is one of the leading members in the Facebook group. He joined us about 10 months ago. He takes part in discussions, and keeps the group updated with links to new articles and blogs. You cannot miss him.
    > Waqas Sarwar only joined the group about a month ago, and looks like he has found a home. He is already one of the top people that takes part in the discussions.
    > Kia Zhi Tang joined the Facebook group about 6 month ago
    > Inderjeet Singh joined the group over a year ago.
    > Vivek Jagga Joined the group over a year ago.
    > Wim Beck, where are you?!? We are waiting you in the TechNetWIKI group on Facebook. I didn’t find you in the list of member. If you are not there already then it is time to join us 🙂

    1. Thank you Ninja Ed for consideration as a part of Interview list. Glad to have this opportunity.
      Thank you Syed Shanu and Ronen for such a lovely introduction and comments. I am really enjoying to share my knowledge and good stuff on TechNet Wiki and TechNet Wiki Facebook group.

    2. It’s great to see how this list maps to Facebook! Thanks, Ronen!

      Also, if there are Facebook members who should be interviewed, we should list them as well!

  4. Wow. I am waiting to read interview for Inderjeet Singh Ji. Congrats in advance Ji

    1. Thank you Ed for a nice interview 🙂

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