Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Who should we interview next?

Okay, we mostly exhausted the last round of interviewees. It's time to pick some new people to interview!


This is a sequel of sorts to these previous blog posts:


Whilst reading this, it would be great if you came up with ideas of who we should interview next and leave your ideas in a comment!

Here is who I think we should interview (listed with the most Wiki articles on the top)...


1. Inderjeet Singh Jaggi

Inderjeet Singh Jaggi's avatar

Inderjeet has been with us for quite awhile, he has 44 Wiki articles, and he's an MVP! Why haven't we interviewed him??? Why? WHYYYY????

Example articles:


2. Visakh16

Visakh16's avatar

User Page: Visakh16

Visakh is an MVP, Microsoft Partner, MCC, and has completed 15 Wiki articles!

Example articles:


3. Jesper Arnecke

Jesper Arnecke's avatar

A Microsoft Partner, Jasper has 12 articles and won a SharePoint Guru medal in December!

Example articles:


4. Mahdi Tehrani 

Mahdi Tehrani's avatar

Mahdi is an AD/ID expert and has written 12 Wiki articles.

Example article:


5. Wim Beck

Wim Beck's avatar

Wim's been around for quite awhile as an expert in FIM! So I'm super glad that we are going to try to interview him!

Wim has completed 11 Wiki articles about FIM, and you can see how high quality they are! He won the FIM gold medal in December!

Example articles:


6. Gaurav Kumar Arora

Gaurav Kumar Arora's avatar

Gaurav is an MVP, Microsoft Partner, and MCC! He has written 9 fantastic articles!

Example articles:


7. Greg Deckler

Greg Deckler (Quick Solutions)'s avatar

Greg is a Microsoft Partner and has 9 Wiki articles finished.

Example articles:


8. Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi's avatar

Umer is a Microsoft intern in in Lahore, Pakistan. He has written 9 articles.

Example articles:


9. Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja

Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja's avatar

Hussain is from the Microsoft Innovation Center in Lahore and has completed 9 articles!

Example articles:


10. Peter Lindgren

Peter_Lindgren's avatar

Peter has 8 quality articles under his belt, and he recently won the gold medal in the BizTalk category in December!

Example articles:


11. Jeff Ingalls 

Old Microsoft Profile:

-Jeff Ingalls-'s avatar

A former Microsoft employee, Jeff is a Microsoft Partner and has 6 quality Wiki articles completed!

Example articles:


Have a wonderful bye!

- Ninja Ed

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  1. One of the reason why I love TechNet Wiki is Weekly Interview.its great encouragement for Authors and also we can know about Other Authors.This type of Interview will surely guide new Authors for becoming successful author.
    All the name and profile seems to be great and waiting to see all Interview here one by One.

  2. Thanks, Syed! I’m amazed at how many great authors we have out there!

  3. Can I vote for all of them Ed? 🙂

  4. Jeff Ingalls says:

    Hi Ed! Wow, what a great honor and surprise to see my mug shot up here. To clarify, I left Microsoft to go to grad school a little while back. I recreated a new TechNet profile so that I wasn’t showing up as a Microsoft employee. As sad as it was to leave
    Microsoft, I am still a fan of the company and recently joined in as a Microsoft Partner.

  5. Jeff, sounds good. I’ll update this post.

    What’s your new profile URL?

  6. UPDATE: I added Mahdi as the new #4.

    See, Mahdi, that’s what happens when you post a comment. I had assumed we already interviewed you!

    Jeff and Mahdi, please email me directly at edprice at Microsoft. I’ll get you started. Thanks!

  7. Oh and please include "Interview with a Wiki Ninja" in the subject. That helps me find them! Thank you!

  8. UPDATE: I updated Jeff’s information some more and made sure all the people have example articles listed.


  9. Hi Ed!

    I’m truly honored seeing my name here. Thanks for recognition.
    Just updated my profile. My internship at MIC Lahore ended in January.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi Ed!
    Thanks for surprise, its a great honor for me to read my name in the list.

  11. Hi Ed!,
    Could you please add this in example articles: ?

    This article got huge hits and showcased in TechNet Wiki Magazine (Flipboard) October 2015 Edition.


  12. UPDATE: Visakh will be next!

  13. UPDATE: I added in Gaurav’s Azure article as another example.

  14. Next will be Jesper Arnecke.

  15. So Jesper is tomorrow/today, and next week will be:

    Gaurav Kumar Arora

  16. Next interview will be Greg Deckler.

  17. The next interview will be with Umer Qureshi.

    Then we have Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja, Peter Lindgren, and Jeff Ingalls.

    Wow, I’m really behind. =^(

  18. Next interview is Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja.

  19. Next interview will be with Jeff Ingalls.

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