Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool v2.1

Virtualization affects how we plan, build, deploy, operate, and service workloads.  Customers are creating large libraries of virtual machines containing various configurations.  The patch-state of these virtual machines are not always known.  Ensuring that offline virtual machines are properly patched and won’t become vulnerable the instant they come online is critical.    I am therefore… Read more

More on today’s announcement with NetApp

We published some news today with NetApp; see here. In short, Microsoft and NetApp… today announced a new three-year agreement that deepens product collaboration and technical integration, and extends joint sales and marketing activities to customers worldwide. Under the new agreement, the two companies will collaborate and deliver technology solutions that span virtualization, private cloud… Read more

Re-blog: Microsoft Site Recovery Solution Launch

I’m re-blogging here. Over at Virt Planet blog, Jim wrote the following: This week Microsoft is launching a comprehensive solution to help customers implement cost effective, end-to-end site recovery programs. Built on proven capabilities in Windows Server 2008 R2 and the System Center management suite, Microsoft is helping IT Professionals leverage Windows Server Hyper-V and… Read more

Upcoming Webcasts on Best Practices for Virtualizing MS Server Applications

We’ve got some great webcasts coming up in the next few weeks to discuss recommendations for virtualizing MS server applications and the benefits of choosing hyper-V + System Center as your virtualization solution.  Each technical webcast will focus on a specific server application- Exchange, SQL and SharePoint.   Please see below for detailed information. TechNet Webcast:… Read more

Top 10 VMWare myths video

Edwin and David recently sat down in front of a video camera to talk about the top 10 myths from VMWare. Here’s a quick outline of the topics discussed during the 11 minute video: Live migration clustered shared volumes Hyper-V scalability Hyper-V performance Hyper-V footprint Hardware support Memory overcommit End-to-end management Value Why pay VMWare’s virtualization… Read more

Trying to achieve granularity of backups with the Hyper-V VSS Writer

Another area of feedback on the Hyper-V VSS Writer is that it does not give much by way of granularity beyond the level of the virtual machine. As a result of that, backup applications are stuck to backing up the entire VHD file, which could easily end up being a rather onerous process, expesially if the… Read more