No more “out of memory” errors for Windows Phone emulators in Windows 10 (unless you’re really out of memory)

For those of you who run emulators in Visual Studio, you may be familiar with an annoying error: It periodically pops up even when task manager reports enough available memory – this is especially true for machines with less than 8GB RAM.  Most of the time, it’s because there genuinely isn’t enough memory available but… Read more

PowerShell Direct – Running PowerShell inside a virtual machine from the Hyper-V host

Official PS Direct documentation is located here ( At Ignite we announced PowerShell Direct, and briefly demoed it’s capabilities in the “What’s New in Hyper-V” session.  This is a follow up so you can get started using PowerShell Direct in your own environment. What is PowerShell Direct? It is a new way of running PowerShell… Read more

Hyper-V Replica Powershell Series: Don’t want Replica folder names as GUIDs!

When you enable replication on a virtual machine, the Replica virtual machine files are created under the location specified by you in the Replica server configuration on the Replica side. Under the specified location, the files are created under a folder structure that looks like: The folders are named using GUIDs. Why are GUIDs used… Read more