Mark your calendar: Watch the MS Management Summit keynotes

Next Tuesday (20th) and Wednesday (21st) be sure to visit the Microsoft News Center to view the Microsoft Management Summit executive keynotes live on the web.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see Bob Muglia and Brad Anderson discuss the latest IT Management news, MS strategies for datacenter and desktop management, and virtualization and cloud solutions from Microsoft. And did… Read more

Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 beta 2

Hello, this is Bryon Surace again.  I’m a senior program manager on the Windows virtualization team at Microsoft.   Recently, the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 beta 2 became available for public download.  Part of this release is the Beta 2 version of Visual Studio Team System 2010 Lab Management; an integrated solution… Read more

Update: More than recession: IDC’s server virtualization tracker report

Update: The folks at IDC asked that I remove this blog post until further notice. That said, do check out Roger Johnson’s post. He discusses Dell PowerEdge R910 and his Hyper-V deployment at Crutchfield. I met Roger at VMworld 2009. He’s a VCP, having run an ESX Server-based datacenter for some time before Crutchfield moved away from… Read more

Check out the Visual Studio Team System blog

Many of you will be interested to learn more about forthcoming lab management capabilities in Visual Studio Team System 2010. Or you may have lunch or meetings with a dev who you want to know more about VSTS 2010 Lab Management. That last part is a nod to “that darn reality” post at SharkTank. So… Read more

Kroll Factual Data: 85% virtualized, 30:1 VM density

You may have never heard of Kroll Factual Data. But ever since personal credit became harder to acquire, lenders held tighter to their money, and interest rates went up/down like a roller coaster, Kroll has been on a wild ride of their own. In short, Kroll Factual Data offers business information to mortgage lenders, consumer lenders,… Read more

Microsoft at VMworld Europe 2009

VMworld Europe’s tagline this year is “virtually anything is possible”. Kinda reminds me of Mike’s blog post on Monday about Red Hat. And for many IT pros, “virtually anything is possible” might apply to the fact that Microsoft is exhibiting at, and sponsoring, VMworld Europe for the second year in a row. Tres bien, as they say in Cannes…. Read more

Visual Studio 2010 lab management uses virtualization

There are 4 million .NET developers in the world, so I figure one or two might read this blog, or you might know someone. A couple weeks ago at the Professional Developers Conference, we began discussing, and announced a CTP, of Visual Studio 10. One of the many features of VS10 is lab management, which leverages virtualization… Read more