Virtualization: Big Opportunities

Hello, I’m Larry Orecklin, general manager at Microsoft focused on the System Center family of management products and Virtualization. If you picked up a newspaper in the last few weeks, you are more than likely aware that the virtualization industry is moving into the limelight. And while the market is still nascent, with only about… Read more

Virtual Server Maximums…

Virtualization Nation, In my last blog, I discussed the fact that with Virtual Server R2 SP1 we increased the amount of physical memory that Virtual Server can address from 64 GB to 256 GB. I saw that this prompted questions about other maximums for storage, networking, etc, so I thought I’d provide a table with… Read more

Virtual Server R2 SP1 can run up to 512 virtual machines…

Virtualization Nation, In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned the fact that Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 now supports up to 256 GB of memory and can run 512 virtual machines simultaneously. I received some feedback asking me to compare this against Virtual Server 2005 R2, so let me do that… Virtual Server 2005… Read more

Installing Virtual Server R2 SP1 on Windows Server 2008 Beta 3

Virtualization Nation, If you’re trying to run Virtual Server R2 SP1 on Window Server 2008 Beta 3, it does work. However, there are three steps for success. You need to: Add the IIS role with the correct settings for Virtual Server. Install Virtual Server R2 SP1. Run IE elevated as an Administrator to access the Virtual… Read more

Windows Server Virtualization Security Discussion at Black Hat

Greetings! An important heads up about Black Hat next week in Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know what Black Hat is, Black Hat bills itself as a security convention that puts you face to face with people on the cutting edge of network security. Microsoft is an active sponsor in this event… Read more

Virtual Server or Virtual PC?

In my first couple of blogs, I wanted to remind everyone of the recent release of Virtual PC 2007 and Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. I received feedback asking about some of the differences between the two and compatibility of virtual machines between the two. So, here are the answers… Q: I’m interested in evaluating… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization and Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1

In my last post, I reminded everyone about our very successful Virtual PC 2007 release and for this post, I wanted to alert you to the recent release of Virtual Server R2 SP1. While there’s a lot of attention right now on Windows Server Virtualization, let’s not forget that we have a free, solid, production… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization and Virtual PC 2007

Greetings! I’m Jeff Woolsey, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft focused on Microsoft Virtualization. I’ve worked on virtualization technology for over ten years such as Virtual PC for Mac, Virtual PC for Windows and Virtual Server. These days I spend most of my time on Virtual Server and our new hypervisor based virtualization (codename “Viridian”)… Read more

WinHEC 2006 Presentation slides are available online

The Microsoft WinHEC 2006 presentation slides are now available to view online under the WHDC (Windows Hardware Developer Central) area on The Windows Virtualization related sessions are near the bottom of the page and are listed below for reference. – Device Virtualization Architecture   – How to Use the WMI Interfaces with Windows Virtualization– HyperCall APIs… Read more

Windows Server virtualization at WinHEC

Hello and welcome to the Microsoft virtual machine team’s blog!  On Monday the 22nd, as part of the WinHEC conference, we announced the next steps in our virtualization strategy and outlined our roadmap of products.  As we march towards release, we are starting a team blog to discuss machine virtualization plans at Microsoft in more… Read more