Calista joins the Microsoft virtualization product lineup

Hi, my name is Neal Margulis, and I am the founder of Calista Technologies, the developers of a unique desktop virtualization solution that dramatically enhances the end user experience with virtualized desktops. Today is an exciting day for me as we are announcing the company’s joining forces with Microsoft.  My personal background is years of… Read more

Managing VMware

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading Rakesh’s post on why the System Center team decided to build out V2 of SCVMM so that customers can manage VMware ESX Server and VI3. Here’s an excerpt: Flexibility in Hypervisors with a single management solution – As I said above, we feel very confident that our hypervisor provides the best platform in… Read more

Happy holidays! windows server 2008 RC1 with hyper-v beta now available!

Greetings! Jeff Woolsey here from the virtualization team. We have some big news today! We just released the Windows Hyper-V BETA! The Hyper-V beta is a major step forward from the Preview release we provided just a couple of months ago. This beta is publicly available and you can download it HERE. Some of the… Read more

Windows Virtualization Hypercall APIs available via open specification promise!

Greetings! Jeff Woolsey here from the virtualization team and I’ve got some big news. Here’s the official announcement: Microsoft today announced that it will extend the Open Specification Promise to the hypercall application programmer’s interface (API) within Windows Server virtualization (codename Viridian), and will be available when Windows Server virtualization is released to manufacturing (RTM)…. Read more

Windows Server 2008 RC0/Virtualization CTP FAQ

Greeting folks, Jeff Woolsey here from the Virtualization team.It’s been a busy week at Microsoft and the Windows Server 2008 RC0 release is off to a great start! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can find it here: In addition to all of the new Windows Server 2008 capabilities (Server Core, Read-Only Domain… Read more

Windows server 2008 rc0 with windows server virtualization

Greeting Folks, Jeff Woolsey here from the Microsoft Virtualization Team. It’s a great week here at Microsoft and there’s a lot going on… First, I HAVE to mention Halo 3. 🙂 Every review I’ve read as been extremely positive and it looks like the Halo team knocked one out of the park, AGAIN. Congratulations to… Read more

System Center Virtual Machine Manager: Huge Announcements!

Hi – this is Chris Stirrat and I run the team that built System Center Virtual Machine Manager (also known as SCVMM or “Carmine”).  I very excited to share a couple of HUGE announcements with everyone around virtualization and SCVMM. First – I am extremely proud to announce that after 2 short (OK – it… Read more

Virtualization: Big Opportunities

Hello, I’m Larry Orecklin, general manager at Microsoft focused on the System Center family of management products and Virtualization. If you picked up a newspaper in the last few weeks, you are more than likely aware that the virtualization industry is moving into the limelight. And while the market is still nascent, with only about… Read more

Virtual Server Maximums…

Virtualization Nation, In my last blog, I discussed the fact that with Virtual Server R2 SP1 we increased the amount of physical memory that Virtual Server can address from 64 GB to 256 GB. I saw that this prompted questions about other maximums for storage, networking, etc, so I thought I’d provide a table with… Read more

Virtual Server R2 SP1 can run up to 512 virtual machines…

Virtualization Nation, In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned the fact that Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 now supports up to 256 GB of memory and can run 512 virtual machines simultaneously. I received some feedback asking me to compare this against Virtual Server 2005 R2, so let me do that… Virtual Server 2005… Read more