Guest post: – Saving Energy While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Costs in the Process

Green, Sustainability, and Environment – what does this have to do with virtualization? Quite simply virtualization technologies can help you reduce your carbon footprint, reduce energy, reduce cooling, and of course save some money as well.    Today we’re announcing the release of a set of tools available at designed to help you and your organization… Read more

Guest post: Moving VM automation and inventory beyond Excel files

Hi, I’m John Suit, CTO and principal founder of Fortisphere, which is a member of the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program. In this tough economy, the cost savings of virtualization are driving faster adoption – and the introduction of Microsoft Hyper-V is exposing more companies, large and small, to the benefits of this deceptively simple technology. … Read more

Visual Studio 2010 lab management uses virtualization

There are 4 million .NET developers in the world, so I figure one or two might read this blog, or you might know someone. A couple weeks ago at the Professional Developers Conference, we began discussing, and announced a CTP, of Visual Studio 10. One of the many features of VS10 is lab management, which leverages virtualization… Read more

New VDI, Management Technology Announced

A few items to call out. First up is Manlio’s post about the renaming of Terminal Services – it’ll be known as Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2 — and the new VDI features. Here’s an excerpt: The key here is that RDS in Windows Server 2008 R2 makes the new server OS… Read more