Pre-VMworld: Check out Hyper-V Server and Live Migration demos

While you getting ready for the weekend, or getting ready to head to Vegas, you might be interested to check out these first-look demos of Hyper-V Server 2008 (standalone hypervisor, due in a few weeks) and live migration with Windows Server 2008 R2. 

Adam wrote this about the Hyper-V Server demo:

The Virtualization Launch this week revealed Hyper-V Server for the first time ever – a dedicated OS just for hosting Hyper-V virtual machines.  Bryon Surace took some time out from his launch activities to give us a quick tour around the product.

 Adam wrote this about the live migration demo:

When I met with Edwin to go over the new features in Virtual Machine Manager, he had some other really cool stuff he wanted to show me – so cool we weren’t really sure if we were allowed to show it yet.
Word is out though now, so I’m gonna go ahead and let you see this sneak peek at Hyper-V Server and Live Migration.
Think of Hyper-V Server as just an operating system stub that allows you to run virtual machines – no requirement for a full host OS just to run VMs. Live Migration provides fault tolerant virtual machines with no downtime when failing over to other clustered hosts.  It’s a really cool feature, and one many customers have asked for. 

If you’re headed to Vegas, remember that it’s going to be in the high 90s F (high/mid 30s C) during the day, low 70s (low 20s C) at night. Not a cloud in the sky, but likely a few clouds in Maritz’s Tuesday keynote 😉