Virtualization and Interoperability

Two weeks ago three members of the interoperability Vendor Alliance were in Redmond to test the interoperability capabilities of their virtualization technologies. Citrix, Novell and Sun tested some interoperability scenarios with us here at Microsoft that aim to prove how interoperability is possible on heterogeneous environments where customers are running virtualized environment on multiple platforms.

The first part of the lab was about setting up all the machines, we installed Citrix XenServer, Novell XEN Virtual Server, Sun XVM and Microsoft new Hyper-V RC1 virtualization technologies on several machines in the Microsoft Partner lab. The goal now is to test some interoperability scenarios where applications and services are running on different platforms.  For the next phase we decided to use the StockTrader application because it is a ready to use app that runs on IBM WebSphere and on .NET. The .NET implementation is compatible with the original WebSphere implementation so it is possible to use, for instance, a DB2 database running on a SUSE Linux machine from the Front end part of the app based on ASP.NET. In this way we will be able to mix and match the different virtualization environments to test cross-platform interoperability from both virtualization and application point of view. In the next couple of weeks we are going to complete the installation of the StockTrader application and test all the scenarios.

This is only the first of a series of labs that will focus on Virtualization, in the next months we will continue to build more complex scenarios on top of the one we use for the first lab, we will add additional aspects such as Authentication and Authorization and system management so there is more to come. I’ll be sure to post updates along the way.

– Claudio Caldato (Senior Program Manager, US Corp Interoperability)