AzureStack Security

Hello once again!  This will be an evolving blog, but many are asking what are the specific certifications around Azure Stack. Below is an excerpt from our engineering group. “Customers told us that compliance paperwork is a major frustration. To alleviate that, Azure Stack is going through a formal assessment with a 3PAO (3rd-Party Assessor…


Azure Resource Manager

This content was previously on my  I’ve pulled it out to use a simple and easy to remember URL…. Once you have your Azure Subscription, I think the planning and implementing Resource Groups should be first on your list.  Because if this is not done, then when you go to deploy anything in…


Azure Security Resources |

I am often looking for or need to refer others to the best security guidance around Azure and Azure Active Directory, so this will be my new landing spot for such resources.  Recently, we had an internal convention before the more public MS Ignite coming soon. From the resources presented at those internal sessions, I’ve…


Azure Stack Shortcuts |

Shortcuts for learning about Azure Stack, shortcuts for training and certification, and just shortcuts to quickly find content on any topic on Azure Stack! Learning Resources – fast track it All Shortcuts start with Want to read more about what Azure Stack is? Goto for the high level overviews or for the…


SQL comparison

This post is really just a place for me and others to have one resource to compare the following SQL Server 2012 versus SQL Server 2016 SQL Server Versus Azure SQL (PaaS) I will openly state, a SQL subject matter I am not!  But I am simply putting the results of my search and queries…


Back to Basics with Active Directory |

As my career progresses and I dive deeper and deeper into the cloud, every once in a while my core Windows Server Active Directory roots come up and tap me on the shoulder.  Or else others ping me to say “Hey, where are the best resources out there for Active Directory goodness?”. Since many of…


One Dozen Azure Apps to Test for Identity with Azure AD

Just like a good book, you buy one and hope to then read it someday in your “free” time. So here are a bunch of code samples that I want to try out for Authentication and Authorization examples for Azure AD.  Maybe you would like to try some too? You can get hundreds of code…


Azure PIM – initial walkthrough and links

In this post, I am taking another shortcut out of the page and expanding it out a little more. The Azure PIM documentation is pretty detailed on But as I was setting up my lab to demonstrate this, I wanted to capture the setup of this for others as I was doing this….


What’s the difference?

In Azure or on-premises, there are many different types of load balancers to use. While the basic concept is the same, they all do things slightly differently. In this post I am to help all of us determine if when and why I would use any of the possibilities that are out there. You have…


Everything you wanted to know about Azure Templates

While my intent of this blog is to introduce a new template preview feature in the Azure portal, I want to first highlight a few of the best articles about Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. After the quick list of links, then I will break into this new preview feature for templates in the portal…