No Mouse Cursor During ConfigMgr OSD Task Sequence

Symptom During a ConfigMgr OSD Task Sequence that deploys Windows 10, once the device reboots out of WinPE and into the newly installed Windows OS during the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task, if a command prompt window is brought up using F8, no mouse cursor appears. The issue will continue to occur for the remainder…


Apply Driver Package task fails when the ADK is upgraded to ADK 10 1607

  Symptoms After installing the ADK 10 1607 on ConfigMgr Current Branch 1602 or newer, the Apply Driver Package task will start failing while installing one of the drivers in the Driver Package. The failure is random and will not occur on the same driver every time. Occasionally the Apply Driver Package task may succeed….


Windows versions prior Windows 10 build 1511 fail to start after "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" step when Pre-Provision BitLocker is used with Windows PE 10.0.586.0 (1511)

Consider following scenario: You have installed the Windows ADK 1511 and applied KB3143760 to your boot images. You want to install a Windows version prior Windows 10 build 1511 using your new 1511 Boot Images. Within your Task Sequence you leverage the built in "Pre-Provision BitLocker" Task Sequence Step to enable "Used space only encryption" which speeds up BitLocker drive encryption….

Reusing the same NIC for multiple PXE initiated deployments in System Center Configuration Manger OSD

  UPDATE!The solution in the below blog post is now a native feature in ConfigMgr starting in ConfigMgr Current Branch 1610. Please see the below link for further information: Manage duplicate hardware identifiers Consider the following scenario. You are using a single USB to Ethernet Adapter to image multiple devices via a ConfigMgr OSD Task…

How to Ensure that Windows Installs on C: During a System Center Configuration Manager OSD Task Sequence

UPDATE!This issue should no longer occur and the below solutions should no longer be needed starting with ConfigMgr Current Branch 1606 and newer. Starting with ConfigMgr Current Branch 1606 and newer, the OSDPreserveDriveLetter variable has been deprecated and ConfigMgr no longer tries to decide or tries to set what the OS driver letter should be….


How to apply Task Sequence Prestaged Media on multi-partitioned disks for BIOS or UEFI PCs in System Center Configuration Manager

The TechNet documentation for System Configuration Manager contains instructions for creating Prestaged Media at the below links: System Center Configuration Manager 2007How to Create Task Sequence Prestaged Media System Center 2012 Configuration ManagerHow to Deploy Operating Systems by Using Media in Configuration ManagerHow to Create Prestaged Media However there are no instructions on TechNet regarding…


PXE Boot Fails In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager If The MP Is In HTTPS Mode But The DP Is In HTTP Mode

Symptoms In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager RTM, if the Management Point is in HTTPS mode but the Distribution Point hosting the PXE server is in HTTP mode, the PXE boot may fail. Examining the SMSPXE.log may reveal the following errors: ProcessMessage: Context:0015B270  dTime:0 SMSPXE!sTempString.empty(), HRESULT=80070057 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\framework\core\ccmcore\string.cpp,1023) SMSPXEMAC=<MAC_Address> SMBIOS GUID=<SMBIOS_GUID> > DHCP Discover received. SMSPXESet enterpirse certificate in…


A System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Task Sequence Does Not Replicate To A Child Site

Symptoms When creating a new Task Sequence or updating an existing Task Sequence on a parent primary site in System Center Configuration Manager 2007, the Task Sequence may not replicate down to child primary sites. Packages and other Task Sequences replicate to the child primary site without issue. Examining the logs associated with site replication…


WDS does not start on a PXE enabled remote DP in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

We recently worked on an issue for a customer where WDS was not starting on a newly installed ConfigMgr 2012 remote DP that had PXE enabled. After some troubleshooting we discovered that when WDS was trying to load and initialize smspxe.dll, it could not find a required component called Microsoft.VC90.CRT. After some investigation we determined…


KB2509007 does not install correctly when installed at the same time as KB977203 or KB977384

We recently discovered an issue that KB2509007 would not install properly if installed at the same time as either KB977203 or KB977384 via the PATCH= option in the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr task. We were able to reproduce the issue internally and after some research and investigation, we discovered a fairly easy workaround to the issue. We found that if we…