New Version of Surface Dock Updater Available

We've released a new version of the Surface Dock Updater, v2.12.136.0, available now from the Surface Tools for IT page at the Microsoft Download Center. This new update includes fixes for external display stability issues when Surface Dock is used with Surface Book devices and includes firmware updates for both the Surface Dock main chipset and DisplayPort.

Note: The updates provided by Surface Dock Updater v2.12.136.0 apply to Surface Dock only when used with Surface Book or Surface Book 2 and do not apply to scenarios where Surface Dock is used with other Surface devices. Surface Dock Updater firmware updates are cumulative. Updating a Surface Dock that has not yet been updated with v2.9.136.0 will provide the improvements of the earlier release in addition to those in v2.12.136.0.

In addition to the firmware updates for Surface Dock, installation of the Surface Dock Updater utility on a Surface Book will also install a firmware update for the Surface Book base of that device. This Surface Base Firmware Update, v4.0.7.0, is required to enable the display stability fixes for a connected Surface Dock. Both the Surface Dock and the Surface Book base must be updated to implement these fixes.

Note: Surface Book 2 devices do not require a Surface Base Firmware Update and only require the Surface Dock update for implementation of these fixes.

For your reference the versions and improvements of each component contained within this update are listed below.

Surface Book

  • Surface Base Firmware Update v4.0.7.0 provides support for Surface Dock firmware updates with improvements targeted to Surface Book devices.

Surface Dock

  • Surface Dock Main Chipset Unit (MCU) Firmware v049E4970 improves display stability for external displays when used with Surface Book.
  • Surface Dock DisplayPort Firmware v049E3D71 improves display stability for external displays when used with Surface Book.

Note: Surface Dock firmware version information can be found in the system registry. For more information see Manage Surface Dock firmware updates.

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