Intel AMT Vulnerability and Surface Devices

In the beginning of May, Intel announced that a vulnerability had been detected in their Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), available in many of their processors and chipsets including some processors and chipsets used in the Surface device lineup. You can read more about this vulnerability from the Intel Security Center advisory Intel-SA-00075 or from the NIST National Vulnerability Database entry CVE-2017-5689 .

Devices in the Surface lineup are not vulnerable to this exploit and no action is required on the part of administrators or users.

You can verify the potential vulnerability of your device for yourself using the INTEL-SA-00075 Discovery Tool, available here from the Intel Download Center.

Comments (2)

  1. Dave Heffernan says:

    Just checked my Surface Book 2. It IS vulnerable. What do I do now??

    1. Surface devices including Surface Book 2 are not vulnerable to the exploit identified in Intel SA-00075 and should not appear so in the Intel SA-00075 detection tool.

      If you are running the Intel SA-00086 detection tool, see Intel Management Engine Vulnerability and Surface Devices for more information about how Surface devices have reduced vulnerability.

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