Wake on LAN Support for Surface

We're happy to announce the addition of Wake on LAN support for Surface devices connected to wired local area networks with a Surface Ethernet Adapter or Surface Dock. With Wake on LAN, you can enable your docked or connected devices to be woken from Connected Standby, allowing for updates and maintenance during windows of opportunity outside of peak hours. Surface support for Wake on LAN allows you to leverage built-in Wake on LAN capabilities in management solutions such as System Center Configuration Manager to automatically perform such maintenance.

Wake on LAN support is provided through installation of the SurfaceWOL.msi package, available from the Surface Tools for IT page in the Microsoft Download Center. To install SurfaceWOL.msi, your Surface device must be running Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) or newer. The SurfaceWOL.msi package installs the Wake on LAN compatible driver for the Surface Ethernet Adapter and other compatible network devices, such as the Surface Dock and Surface Docking Station for Surface Pro 3, and modifies the required settings to allow Wake on LAN in Connected Standby.

You can read more about Wake on LAN support for Surface devices in the Wake On LAN for Surface devices article in the TechNet Library.

Comments (4)

  1. Meatbot says:

    this is not working.

    1. What specifically is not working, and on what device?

  2. Manuel says:


    I have a surface pro 4 and I would like to turn on the tablet automatically when connected to the current without needing to press the power button

    This is possible?

    Thank you

  3. Jonathan R Goodwin says:

    Has anyone got this working I’ve tried and tried to get it working I can see the magic packet on the surface device

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