Troubleshooting power management for your Surface during modern standby

As we discussed previously, Surface is in a class of devices that uses Modern Standby to give you instant sleep and faster resume times, while using far less power than the traditional S3 sleep used by most PCs. This ability keep devices protected by installing latest Windows Updates even when users are on the move and the device is in standby.

If you experience unexpected power consumption issues, it’s likely that your Surface device will have been interrupted from its lowest power state, DRIPS, more frequently than is usual.

If this happens and you are the person in charge of managing desktops on behalf of your users, Senior Program Manager, Joao Botto returns to show you how to troubleshoot and pinpoint issues by creating and analyzing sleep-study and energy reports for the affected device.

We hope that you find today’s overview useful. Keep checking back here on this blog and on Microsoft Mechanics for the latest on Surface management and engineering. Follow us @MSFTMechanics.

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