December 2017 CU for SharePoint 2013 product family is available for download

The product group released the December 2017 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

For December 2017 CU we have full server packages (also known as Uber packages). No other CU is required to fully patch SharePoint.

As this is a common question: Yes, December 2017 CU includes all fixes from December 2017 PU.


Be aware that all Updates for SharePoint 2013 require SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 to be installed first.

Please also have a look at the article that discusses how to properly patch a SharePoint 2013 farm which has Search enabled (see below).

Previous releases of the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update included both the executable and the .CAB file in the same self-extracting executable download. Because of the file size, the SharePoint Server 2013 package has been divided into several separate downloads. One contains the executable file, while the others contain the CAB file. All are necessary and must be placed in the same folder to successfully install the update. All are available by clicking the same Hotfix Download Available link in the KB article for the release.

This CU includes all SharePoint 2013 fixes (including all SharePoint 2013 security fixes) released since SP1. The CU does not include SP1. You need to install SP1 before installing this CU.

The KB articles for December 2017 CU should be available at the following locations in a couple of hours:

  • KB 4011588 - SharePoint Foundation 2013 December 2017 CU
  • KB 4011593 - SharePoint Server 2013 December 2017 CU
  • KB 4011589 - Project Server 2013 December 2017 CU
  • KB 4011587 - Office Web Apps Server 2013 December 2017 CU

The Full Server Packages for December 2017 CU are available through the following links:

Important: If your farm has been on a patch level lower than July 2015 CU ensure to read the following blog post:

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation 2013 CU. And the Project Server 2013 CU also contains the SharePoint Server 2013 CU and SharePoint Foundation 2013 CU.

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Comments (11)

  1. Sajid Ali says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Is November 2017 Security PU included in December 2017 CU, also is any issue reported by the customer for December CU?


    1. Of course it is included.
      Till now no major issues have been reported for December CU.

  2. Abhinav Ag says:

    Hi Stefan,

    We are Planning to update our SP 2013 Farm. I have suggested my team to install December 2017 CU. Is there any reported issue in this CU till now?

    Abhinav Agarwal

    1. Hi Abhinav,
      we do not have reports of new regressions introduced with this fix till now.

  3. Edmonk says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I wanted to uprade from ‘October 2016 CU’ to this CU ‘December 2017 CU’ of the SharePoint 2013 server, but everytime I get an error message saying: “An arror occured while running detection”. Am I missing here something?

    Regards, Edmonk

    1. Hi Edmonk,
      please check this article for troubleshooting steps about this topic:
      If you need help to get this resolved I would recommend to open a ticket with Microsoft support.

  4. Hi Stefan,

    Great Article! May i know which Uberpackage should i use in order to bring a farm to latest patch level from SP2013 SP1? Hope you could advice which to use. Thank you.

    1. May be i should be more specific, should i use this KB articles for December 2017 CU or should i use the Full Server Packages for Dec 2017 CU Thanks 🙂

      1. Hi Betty,
        the first link points to a KB article pointing to the fix which is in your second link.

        1. Hi Stefan,
          Ah, i see. So i could just use it to patch my SP2013 SP1(this farm has not been patch since SP1) farm so i could bring my farm to the latest version. This correct?

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