SharePoint security fixes released with October 2015 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

With October 2015 PU we have released security fixes for SharePoint which are offered through Microsoft Update.

For the following SharePoint products and components fixes have been released:

SharePoint 2007 Suite:

  • Excel Services 2007
  • SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint 2010 Suite:

  • Excel Services 2010
  • Excel Web Apps 2010
  • Office Web Apps 2010

SharePoint 2013 Suite:

  • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • Excel Services 2013
  • Office Web Apps 2013

See the security bulletin below for more details and KB number for the relevant fixes:

Also be aware that updated security fixes have been created for the following security bulletins

Comments (11)

  1. TD says:

    Just curious…. MS15-110 mentions Sharepoint Server 2010 (2553405), what is this patch as it isn’t mentioned above.

    1. This is the forms server component of SharePoint 2010.

  2. Me says:

    Hi Stefan, So is October 2015 PU contains “Security Bulletin MS15-110” ?

  3. Tim says:

    Does the config database version change upon installing MS15-110?

    1. The following patch includes changes that affect the database schema version:

  4. Alan George says:

    Hi Stefan,

    So after installing these update, do we need to run the psconfig wizard to update the DBs?


    1. Hi Alan,
      the answer is simple: there is not a single SharePoint fix which does NOT Require psconfig.
      The reason is that PSCONFIG does not only update the db – it does many more things.
      See here for details:

  5. Alan George says:

    And what about the Language pack. I have 5 LPs on my farm with base installation in English. So do I need to download the security update for all the LPs or just the English one?


    1. SharePoint CUs and PUs include the fixes for all language packs. You never have to install them separately for different languages.
      You only have to do this for service packs.

      1. Alan George says:

        Thanks Stefan. That’s Crystal Clear!!

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