Notifying before SLA breaches

This blog post assumes that you have already configured your Service Level Objectives. If you need a tutorial on that then please review SCSM 2012: Service Level Management Now assuming you have setup your Service Level Objectives, it is very easy to notify the users before the SLA is breached. Let’s assume you have the… Read more

Custom Notification workflow on activity assignment or reassignment

This blog posts demonstrates how to configure a notification workflow in Service Manager that sends out notifications on assignment or reassignment of an Activity. 1.       Steps for creating this custom workflow: 1.       Create a new XML file – Name it:  Custom.ActivityWorkflows.xml a.       The name of the file should match the mp. If you decide to name… Read more

Custom notification workflow on incident assignement or re-assignment

There are couple important contributions from our users I wanted highlight There were quite a few requests to Notify additional recipients (e.g. Affected User / Primary Owner) on the assignment changes.  Andrew France has written the MP that does this.  Here is the MP.  Another useful blog post that has been created by one of SCSM… Read more