How to update views to change the criteria from “Assigned to me” to “Assigned to me or a group that I belong to”

Our out of the box views contain a few views like “Change Requests: Assigned to Me”, “Activities Assigned to Me”, “My Incidents” etc. These views only display objects where the criteria match the current user. You can update these views or create new views where you would want the criteria to match the current user… Read more

Custom Notification workflow on activity assignment or reassignment

This blog posts demonstrates how to configure a notification workflow in Service Manager that sends out notifications on assignment or reassignment of an Activity. 1.       Steps for creating this custom workflow: 1.       Create a new XML file – Name it:  Custom.ActivityWorkflows.xml a.       The name of the file should match the mp. If you decide to name… Read more

Create a view of all Activities that are a part of a Change Request and see the Change Request information in the view columns.

There have been some requests for viewing the parent work item (particularly Change Request) information along with the activity information. This blog post demonstrates how to create a view for all activities that are a part of a Change Request, where the Change Request status is not equal to Closed. 1.      Steps for creating this… Read more