SCSM 2016 – Upgrade steps for custom development

With the SCSM 2016 release, the product has moved to support .Net 4.5.1. The tool set to support this move to .Net 4.5.1, required to break few dependencies and has led to the movement of classes across the assemblies.
This may break the custom solutions made by 3rd party (non-Microsoft) after upgrade to SCSM 2016.

Your custom solution will be impacted if:

  • The custom solutions have target .NET Framework version lower than 4.5.1
  • Existing classes or controls used by custom solutions have been moved to different assembly
  • Custom solutions have “Specific Version” (7.1.1000.1) reference to SM assemblies

After upgrade to SCSM 2016, you might see the below popups on the SM console:

pop1 pop2 pop3

You can fix the problem with following steps:

  • Recompile the custom solutions with target .Net Framework 4.5.1
  • When you build your toolset with SM 2016, modify your solutions to include references to the appropriate SM assemblies. The provided excel sheet has detailed information about the affected classes.
  • Remove the “Version Specific” (1.1000.0) information while referencing the out of box SM assemblies in your custom solutions.

In SM2012R2 few assemblies have higher version (7.1.1000.0) from SM 2016 assemblies. In SM 2016 all assemblies have same version (7.0.5000.0)

Steps for upgrade to SCSM 2016

  1. In place upgrade of SM2012R2 to SM 2016
  2. Reimport or reinstall the upgraded custom solutions from Partners/MVPs

What next..
Our partners (CasedDimensions, Gridpro, Cireson, Provance) will be offering their updated solutions for Service Manager 2016

You can also refer the following blog from our MVP Kurt Van Hoecke for more related information

Excel sheet which has detailed information about code migration (affected classes)