November 18 Service Manager #LyncUp Call

Thank you for attending the November Service Manager #LyncUp call, it was well attended with 56 attendees.  If you missed the call, the recording is available on my OneDrive  

Our November presentation started with
George Wallace, a Senior Consultant from Microsoft, sharing his Service Request reports and the amazing Data Dictionary he and Chris Jones created for Service Manager.  If you ever need guidance on what fields to use for reporting, this handy Data Dictionary will make your day!   


Service Request Blog Post

Service Manager Data Dictionary

George’s extended Service Request reports


Our 2nd presenter was Harsh Verma, from the Service Manager Product Group, who shared the Top 5 most voted Connect issues for Service Manager and the System Center UR 4 statistics for downloads.


Our next Service Manager #LyncUp call is scheduled for December 15th.  Get your suggestions for topics here below in the comments or email me or tweet me before December 8th.  Thanks for joining and making the Service Manager #LyncUp call the most vibrant System Center call