New Solutions from Expit: SCSM Project Connector 1.1 and Event Dashboard

Expit, one of our System Center Alliance partners in Kuwait, has updated their SCSM – Project connector to version 1.1 to support SCSM 2012’s new features for release management and service requests.  This connector allows the IT team and the project manager to collaborate together each using their own tools (PM – Project, IT – SCSM) and keep each other informed on the status of the different tasks in a project automatically.

Here is a demo video:

You can find out more about it here:

The other solution that is new is a Dashboard they have created that allows a service manager to get an all up view of the status of the work items for his team. It features auto refresh and customizable thresholds for red, yellow, green.

You can find out more information about the dashboard solution here: