New Partner Cireson–New Solutions for Work Item Assignment and CSV Import

One of our newest partners Cireson has come up with a couple of great solutions for SCSM. 

Group Assign – this solution solves one of the most common challenges customers face in SCSM.  The problem is that when you are reassigning/escalating an incident there are a bunch of options but none of them is really comprehensive.  You can change the support group in the support group drop down.  You can independently change the assigned to person.  Part of the problem is that those two fields are not linked.  You could assign the incident to the networking support group and to Bob even though Bob might not   be in the networking support group.  Bob might not even be an analyst at all!  You can also click a task to escalate an incident but that only allows you to choose a new support group and doesn’t give you an option to assign the incident to a different person.  You can also click on the reassign task and that allows you to choose a different assigned to user but it doesn’t allow you to select a new support group.  Cireson’s solution creates a new custom task and corresponding dialog that allows you to reassign the support group and the user and even filters the list of possible assigned to users to only those users which are in the selected support group!

Check out a demo video and learn more about this solution here:


Auto CSV Import – The Auto CSV Import makes it easier to map incoming data from CSV data files to the Service Manager data model and schedule the import of that data so that it happens automatically.

Here’s a demo video and more information on Auto CSV Import:


This is some great work that solves some very common challenges.  Cireson is also working on some other solutions like a web console for incident management and an ‘Ally My Work Items’ dashboard.  I’m looking forward to seeing those!