FAQ: What Classes of Objects Does the SCVMM–SCSM Connector Bring In?

Most of the virtualization related CMDB data is discovered in SCVMM by SCOM and then brought to SCSM by the SCOM-SCSM connector.  This includes things like virtual machines, hosts, host groups, etc.  So – what does the SCVMM-SCSM connector do?  It syncs in Library content!  SCOM doesn’t really have any need to discover and monitor library content so the SCOM MP for SCVMM doesn’t discover it.  But, in order to properly drive private cloud automation scenarios across System Center from Service Manager we need to have that Library content in the SCSM CMDB.  For example, let’s say you wanted to create a service request that allowed the user to provision a new VM from a template.  You could ask them to type the name of the template they want but that’s pretty lame.  It would be better if you could just present them a security-controlled list of templates from which they can simply choose right?  That’s where the SCVMM-SCSM connector shines. It keeps that list of VM templates (and other things) in sync between SCSM and SCVMM.

So – what does the connector sync exactly?

In short:

  • Service templates
  • VM templates
  • Storage classifications
  • Logical networks
  • Load balancers
  • Load balancer VIP templates

If you create a SCVMM-SCSM connector in SCSM and then export the MP out and look at the XML you will see something like this:


Here you can see the different classes and properties are mapped from the corresponding SCVMM PowerShell cmdlets.