How to Increase the Size of the Description Field on the Incident Form

The first form customization people usually want to make to the incident form is to increase the size of the textbox so it can show more information at once without scrolling.  This is SUPER easy to do if you know how, but I’ve heard of customers spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it.  So – in hopes of alleviating some headaches for people down the road I put together a quick demo video of how to do this.

The key is to use the details pane to change the Height property.  Resist the urge to use the grab handles on controls when you are designing form customizations.  Use the properties in the details pane to be more precise!

Sorry the video is so grainy, but you should get the idea.  In bullets it is this:

  • Create a new MP to store your customizations in
  • In the form browser pane (View –> Form Browser) search for incident
  • Select the Incident form (not the DCM incident form) and right click and select View
  • Click the Customize button
  • Select the MP you created from step 1 to store your customizations in
  • Select the Description textbox
  • In the Details pane, change the Height property to whatever you want
  • Save the MP
  • Import the MP

Make sure you run the video in full screen so you can actually sort of make out what is happening! Also – there is intentionally no audio so you don’t need to try adjusting your speakers!

Here is an alternative way to do it with Height = Auto.  If you do it that way then the description field will change size all the time to match the size of the contents.  That’s probably a good thing when the amount of content is small, but it could get out of hand when there is a large amount of content so make sure you set the MaxHeight attribute.