Coming Soon: System Center Service Manager Resource Kit

Please see this blog post for an update on the resource kit plans and the announcement of the release of the Exchange Connector and Send Email solution:


Well – this is about the 225th post on the SCSM Engineering Team Blog!  The blog has become one of the most read System Center blogs on TechNet.  Thanks for supporting us!

We have seen a lot of different solutions and tools here on the blog.  We have some exciting new ones coming too!  There are getting to be enough different solutions and tools now (especially with the new stuff that is coming) that we think it’s about time to release an official SCSM Resource Kit with all the goodies in one easy to download bundle.

I’m going to be putting this together over the next couple of weeks.  Here’s what I am planning to include:

And some very exciting NEW things!:

  • Exchange connector: Process emails sent to an email inbox on an Exchange server.  Convert new emails to new incidents and update incidents for replies to an email address.
  • Send message to a user related to the incident from the console.  Message can be optionally logged in the action log.
  • Visio diagram of the entire SCSM data model including classes, properties, and relationships.

More on those new things when we release the resource kit.

What else do you want to see?  Tell us in the comments below!

Update: Just to set expectations early – the resource kit is a set of tools, examples, and solutions which are not a part of the SCSM product itself.  They are community tested by customers and partners prior to release, but are not going to be officially supported by Microsoft Support.  You can always report issues with them and we’ll try to fix the worst problems with them, but there’s no guarantees until these kinds of things have undergone more thorough testing and are included in the product itself.