How Microsoft Does Service Manager – MPSD

One of the first things customers ask when they evaluate Service Manager is ‘”Does Microsoft itself use Service Manager?”.  The answer is “Yes!”

There are quite a few internal groups here at Microsoft that are using SCSM in production including:

  • Microsoft IT (aka MSIT)
  • MPSD – operations team that runs, MSDN, TechNet, Windows Update, and other online properties
  • XBox Live
  • Microsoft Retail Stores
  • Global Marketing Operations (GMO)
  • Numerous lab teams

Over time we hope to showcase each of these internal customers and share with you exactly what they are doing with Service Manager.

Jim Livingston and his crew in MPSD have been working with us very closely on their implementation.  They have been in production since Beta 2 back in November of 2009.  MPSD, as do many organizations, wanted to adapt some of their existing processes to Service Manager so we helped show them how to extend the model, customize forms, create custom workflows, etc. that made the transition from their previous service management solution to Service Manager as smooth as possible.  Although they did write some code for their custom workflows, much of the extensions and customizations that MPSD have made were done by Jim or Andrew using the Authoring Tool without writing any code.

Here’s a 15 minute video/demo that Jim put together for IT Showcase about MPSD’s deployment of Service Manager.  Sorry the video part of the demo is pretty blurry.  I recommend hitting full screen or going to the page on TechNet to download the .wmv for a little bit better view.

Download here:


Thanks Jim, Andrew, and all the team over at MPSD!  It’s been fun and we look forward to working with you on implementing change management and other things going forward!