Handling VIP Incidents

Every organization has them – the “big wigs”, the “bosses”, the “CxOs”.  Or maybe it’s just the guy with the stapler in the basement that demands to get special treatment from the service desk or he’s going to call your manager.  Let’s generically call these people and all people like them “VIPs” (Very Important Persons).  When these VIPs submit incidents they need to be handled in a special way.  Maybe there is a certain person or team of people that deal with VIPs incidents/requests that are on call 24×7.  Maybe there is a different SLA for VIPs.  Maybe the service desk manager needs to have a special notification sent to him when a VIP has an issue.

This question comes up pretty often and I’ve always told people to just extend the User class to add a “Is VIP” property and then use that to trigger workflows for classification/routing or to send notifications.  Fortunately, Anders Bengtsson has written up a step-by-step guide on how to do this:


Thanks Anders!