Service Manager 2010 Ramp Up Materials Now Publicly Available

The Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) participants have had access to some additional training/ramp up materials to help them get started as quickly as possible.  The RDP allowed customers and partners met 1x /week for 10 weeks and covered a bunch of topics that were designed to help them go from zero knowledge of Service Manager to a complete deployment in production.  Each week what we did was release an introductory message to the topic from one of our PMs.  The PM also provided an “exercise” (sort of a mini lab that helps customers get familiar with the topic hands on).  Then we followed up with a Live Meeting presentation were the PM talked about the topic in depth and answered any questions that people had.

Now that we have released RTM of Service Manager, we want to make these same materials (including the recordings of the Live Meetings) available publicly so that everyone can benefit from this.  To that end, I have uploaded all of the materials to our public Windows Live SkyDrive here:

Here is an index to the materials:

Topic URL
Process Best Practices
Implementation and Architecture
Implementation and Administration
CMDB & Setup
Incident & Problem Management
Change Management
Self-service Portal
Compliance & Risk Management
Extend & Customize