SMT preview service is being retired on June 30, 2017

Thank you for participating in the preview of Server management tools (SMT) in Azure. Your feedback is pivotal to how we are modernizing the server management experience.

Today, we are announcing our plan to discontinue the SMT preview service in Azure on June 30, 2017. Customers have provided us consistent feedback that while they very much like the ease of use of the Azure-hosted server management experience, they would rather we prioritize on-premises customer-deployed scenarios that don't require an Internet connection. Customers have described scenarios where they need full control over all aspects of the deployment for compliance reasons, as well as scenarios where private networks are disconnected from the Internet.

Based on this top customer request and other market dynamics, we have adjusted our strategy to focus on an on-premises, disconnected solution. This work is well under way, and we will share details and availability later this year.

We are following up directly with our most active SMT customers to ensure options are understood and they have the support they need through this transition. We invite impacted customers to reach out to us if assistance is needed.

In the meantime, customers are encouraged to continue using traditional methods of Windows Server management such as Remote Desktop, Server Manager, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), and other MMC-based management tools.

Although our new investments are focused around a locally-deployed solution, we may reintegrate with Azure again in the future. We'll be listening closely to your feedback.

Thank you again for using the SMT preview service in Azure, and we apologize for any inconvenience its discontinuation may cause. We are excited for what's coming, and we will post an update in the Fall. Stay tuned!

[Update 9/14/2017] As promised, here are more details about our new locally deployed solution!


Server Management Experience team

Comments (7)

  1. seifenfisch says:

    for all Topics related to datacloud etc.
    I think MS shouldnt listen too much to customers.
    peoples will buy and use it as soon as it offers additional value and easy to use expirience.
    I am sure if there would be a technical way to reduce latency a lot,
    makinge the payable Options more transparent (by clearly separate the pay Options from the standart Features)
    this approche still can be the way to go.
    Cloud is already so much used and no one realy is asking much (strangly enough)
    later we are trapped anyway, so no Need to role back now.

  2. How unfortunate… It is a great management tool in the cloud for Nano Server hosted in the cloud and on premise. Guess this Wiki ( is retiring soon too.

  3. noone says:

    This is disappointing. Everything is heading to the cloud one way or another. This feels like numerous step backwards. Yes, SMT wasn’t that polished but the potential for what it could become was there.

  4. Keith says:

    disappointing for sure. this was a fabulous way to use to Azure cloud management services on private deployed systems… It is the single most compelling way to convince folks to leverage both clouds (public and private). I’m not inclined to deploy System Center or purchase Azure kits when I have existing solutions already in place.

  5. David Chaumont says:

    Disappointed as well. Was all excited and was going to implement this for our clients until I saw this article 🙁

  6. Adam Sova says:

    Guys, I think (hope) that Microsoft will release something better … something like SMT + RSAT (web based) …
    You will install it on-prem (where you install SMT gateway now). You will be able to access it from any browser and even will be able to connect it to Azure (in future). With this they could cover both local and remote managment requirements.
    Somthing like (with ablility to install web GUI on-prem, not only to connect to theirs).
    But this is only my opinion 🙂

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