A new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI

*** Update 11/3 - non-English installation?  scroll down to Raphael's comment where you will find some tips on getting this working ***

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI. Starting October 26 2017, Project Online users will be able to download the new content pack directly from AppSource:


Comprising of 13 visually rich report pages, the new content pack is designed to support the management needs of project managers, portfolio managers and resource managers, by retrieving planning and execution data from Project Online and arranging the data to support timely decision making.

The new content pack report includes reports in three key perspectives: Individual Projects, Portfolio of projects and the organization’s resources. Each perspective encompasses the following detailed report pages.

Individual ProjectsThis perspective includes 2 report pages presenting information of a single project at a time:

· Project Status – A summary of a selected project including work and cost, over time, upcoming milestones and overall status.

· Project Risks and Issues – Issues and risks for a selected project.

Portfolio of ProjectsThis perspective includes 6 report pages offering multiple analysis angles on portfolio of projects:

· Portfolio Dashboard At a glance summary of all your projects, including completion status and performance KPIs.

· Portfolio Timeline – An interactive timeline of projects in the portfolio, their planned start and finish dates as well as completion data.

· Portfolio Costs – A detailed report of the portfolio costs, with details on cost status for specific projects.

· Portfolio Milestones – Key milestones in the portfolio and their statuses.

· Portfolio Risks – Aggregated risks across the portfolio and their impact on the portfolio.

· Portfolio Issues – Aggregated issues across the portfolio and the causes for those issues.

ResourceThis perspective includes 5 report pages:

· Resource Availability - Availability and demand for resources over time, presented through interactive heatmap and charts.

· Resource Overview – A view of all the resources in the portfolio and their detailed information.

· Resource Assignments – Deeper view into how resources are invested across the different projects in the portfolio, with information on their progress in current assignments.

· Resource Details – A summary of a selected resource including availability, assignments and work over time.

· Resource Demand Forecast – Forecast of demand for resource in upcoming time periods, based on current plans and predictive analytics.

How to set up the Content Pack

Go to this Power BI site to learn how to set up the Content Pack.


Where can I find the new Content Pack?

The new Content Pack is available for download, directly from Power BI through ‘Get Data’.

The Content Pack is also available on AppSource and a PBIT file is shared through GitHub.

Will the new content pack replace the previous Project Online Content Pack?

Yes, the new content pack replaces the previous Project Online Content Pack. The new Content Pack offers a larger number of reports and leverages latest Power BI capabilities, for a richer analysis experience.

Comments (11)

  1. PEDRO FRAILE says:


    1. I had heard that Pedro – this is due to references to the built in fields being in English. You could start from the github version and make the edits.
      Best regards,

  2. sander says:

    Hi, can i get/edit this content pack (the reports) in power bi desktop?

    1. I’m not a BI expert sander – but if you want to edit then you may be best starting with the PBIT file from github https://github.com/OfficeDev/Project-Power-BI-Content-Packs rather than the Content Pack itself.

  3. Guys, if anyone is using a non-English instance of Project Online and having issues deploying the Content Pack, we put together a blog post that explains how you can make it work:


  4. A.C. Kraijenoord says:

    Thank you for the visually strong reports! Inspirational for our own dashboards 🙂

    One thing however: assigned work is based on the tasks and assignments of resources to tasks. How does this relate to engagements?
    How will they be implemented in the future?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Jay Nebben says:

    Can this be used with Project Server on premesis data?

  6. John Riopel says:

    I continue to get an error when installing this:
    We couldn’t import data from Microsoft Project Online
    There was an error when processing the data in the dataset
    Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.

    Message The column ‘FlagStatus_T’ of the table wasn’t found. Table:Assignments

  7. Rodrigo Oliveira says:

    Hi everyone!
    In this pack it is possbile to access the fields acumulatives, like acumulativework, acumulativecost to build a graph s-curve?


  8. so here it is how to get another language working (tried it today with russian):
    1. download this github pbit file: https://github.com/OfficeDev/Project-Power-BI-Content-Packs
    2. open it in powerbi desktop -> open queries and for each failed query:
    2,1 find first transformation step with error (the error message contains missing field name)
    2.2 in the previous transformation step find the missing field in your language, duplicate column, rename the column to the missing field name
    repeat 2.2 – 2.2 for all errors


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