Project Online: New Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard apps are live

*** Update 11/20/2017 The Portfolio Dashboard app is no longer available in the store.  Please take a look at the new Power BI Content pack as a replacement for the same kind of views of your Project data ***

This week saw the release of the portfolio apps that will present dashboards of your Project Online data.  The iPad version is available from the Apple store and the web version is in the Office store.  The announcement blog post can be found at


One quick note on permissions – even if you are in Project Permission mode you will need to use the following SharePoint groups to give users the right level of access to the data the dashboards are using.

Administrator for Project Web App

Portfolio Manager for Project Web App

Portfolio Viewer for Project Web App

Site Settings, Site Permissions will take you to the right page to access these groups and add users.

Also please note that the dashboards do not use the project security model of groups and categories so users given such access will see all of the projects – same as for the OData feeds.

If a user isn’t in one of these groups (and they are not a Site Collection Administrator or Global Admin) then the error they will see is:

Failed to load dashboard definition for 'null'. Error: List 'MicrosoftPortfolioCache' does not exist at site with URL ''.

Enjoy the new apps!

Comments (14)

  1. Theo Verdel says:

    I am the PMO of the Goudse Insurances in the Netherlands. I have installed the app but not yet succeeded in getting information in the dashboard. I only get the message: No projects found for ‘Last Year’s Projects’. What ever filter I use. Of cource played around with some of the options but nothing works.
    Do you have any advise?


    1. Larry Christensen says:


      Did you get any response to your message. I too am the Admin but unable to get data.

  2. Mark Meirow says:

    Loads with information, but consistently get errors. For example: “Unable to connect to target server”, “Problem loading Task Assignments”, “Failed to save cache section…”, etc. Always displays message that it is working on “Initial Load”. This could be a great tool, but is it too buggy (or is it my environment?).

  3. Jorge Oscar Gamez Santana says:

    Is there any way to set the language?
    I have a project online in Spanish and shows me the dashboard not find the golf department, so does not identify baseline data and actual data

    1. Sorry, there is no way to set the language Jorge. English only.
      Best regards,

  4. Wilt Rovira says:

    I’m getting the following errors:
    •Failed to load lookup tables. Error: Acceso denegado. No tiene el permiso necesario para realizar esta acción o tener acceso a este recurso.
    •Failed to load custom fields. Error: Acceso denegado. No tiene el permiso necesario para realizar esta acción o tener acceso a este recurso.

    I configured the permissions as recommended.
    ¿Do you have any advise?


  5. irit says:


    Is it going to be part of the 2016 on premise version?


    1. Sorry, but no irit – this is only for Project Online.
      Best regards,

  6. Theo, Larry – are you in the groups mentioned in the post? How many projects are you expecting to see?
    And Theo – sorry for the very delayed response – perhaps yours is working now – or you gave up?
    Opening a support ticket would be the best thing as through that we can dig deeper.
    Best regards,

  7. Hi Brian –
    We have a large data set, and the dashboard seems to fail before loading our data.
    We wonder if there’s a way to send a query to the dashboard to limit the initial data load. Or any other advice you might have.

    The visualizations are beautiful and the reports are thoughtfully designed – we want to be able to share this with our user community.

  8. Hello,
    is the Project Portfolio Dashboard still available? When i try to click on the direct link
    , I receive only the File not found message.

    1. Sorry Mario, but the dashboard has been removed from the store. I’d suggest the new Power BI Content Pack as an alternative.
      Best regards,

      1. chand k says:

        What if we have already downloaded the app to our app store, should we continue using it or look into Power BI Content Pack ?. Please let me know.

        1. That is really up to you Chand. Might make more sense to move forward with the Power BI Content Pack, but if the App is working for you no reason to stop.
          Best regards,

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