Project Online: Some changes coming to task sync for enterprise projects

If you have looked at your message center lately you will have seen a new message – “We’re making a change to Project Online”.  The detail view will show you:

On February 9, we’re making a change to Project Online, to improve project creation and publishing performance. You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates one or more users in your organization are using Project Online. The change will make it so that enterprise projects are not synchronized with SharePoint tasks lists, by default. If you still want enterprise projects to synchronize with SharePoint tasks lists, you can turn this setting back on by going to Project Web App ‎(PWA)‎ Settings > Connected SharePoint Sites > Settings, and selecting the ‘Sync Enterprise Projects tasks to Tasks List’ check box.

The additional information link will take you to the original announcement of the change – on the Project blog last October -


We are not taking anything away – just changing how things work by default, to ensure that you are making a conscious choice to use this feature – as it is quite resource intensive and we want to be sure the overall experience with Project Online is a good one!

Comments (11)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    So Microsoft is in the way: "you want your car to be a bit faster, then kick the seats, the air conditioner, GPS, etc…."
    I am not sure you understand business in Microsoft. At some point your customer will leave for those companies that will dig into fixing the core issues.

  2. PJ Mistry says:

    Great, this confuses the heck out of mortal end-users with concerns over duplication, usability etc, especially when they are used to SharePoint but more project orientated. Is this change going to come in a patch for on-prem version as well?.

  3. Linh eVision says:

    Not sure if it is a consequence of such matter but I am having an issue with task sync now as the SP task list does not sync anymore although the ‘Sync Enterprise Projects tasks to Tasks List’ check box has been always checked. It happened for both newly
    published projects and newly connected Project Site.

  4. anonymouscommenter says:

    Same Problem here, the sync doesn’t work anymore with SP Online (SP tasks project) with Project Pro. 🙁

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m in the same boat where task sync no longer works. With the loss of task sync comes the loss of issue and risk management so it feels like we are going backwards. 🙁

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  8. david simon says:

    Our SharePoint team sites no longer sync with the updated schedule in the Project Center. Sync Enterprise Projects tasks to Tasks List check box has always been checked. I have even tried selecting the synchronize button to see if this would update the SharePoint task list and summary. But had no effect. This issue makes the summary ribbon and ability to review the schedule tasks as a list useless as it shows the wrong information about late, upcoming tasks, etc.

    1. Hi David, not sure what would have broken this sync if the site is still correctly connected. One approach I have used is to delete and recreate the task list on the site (as it only shows a ‘copy’ of the real tasks for enterprise projects this shouldn’t be a problem – and for you they are wrong anyway…) and then unlink and relink the site from Connected SharePoint Sites. Republishing the plan should then repopulate with the current data. If you have linked issues, risks etc you may need to remake those links too.
      If this doesn’t help then opening a case will allow us to dig deeper, request logs etc.
      Best regards,

      1. Spiro Theopoulos says:

        Hi Brian,

        You mention “… unlink and relink the site from Connected SharePoint Sites. Republishing the plan should then repopulate with the current data. If you have linked issues, risks etc you may need to remake those links too.”…

        Question: What did you mean by “remaking those links too”? Can you say how you one would go about doing this. I assume that “unlink and relink the site from Connected SharePoint Sites. Republishing…” would not remake issues, risks, etc.

        Thanks in advance,
        /Spiro Theopoulos

        1. Great question Spiro – and in 2013 we shifted how we link to issues and risks. In the old model disconnecting the site and reconnecting wouldn’t have broken anything as all the links were held in the Project DBs (The object link provider was the term for this). In 2013 this is slightly different and I haven’t tested this to fully understand if it breaks – but wanted to put that comment in as something people should be aware of. In 2013 we don’t really link to the project task as such – but we link to the task list representation of the project task (which is why you can’t link to a task unless you sync to the task list). I’m not 100% sure what happens to those kind of links if you blow away the task list and add a new one and repopulate, but I suspected they might get dropped.
          Best regards,

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