Project Server 2013 Service Pack 1 and April 2014 Cumulative Update–all you need to know

*** Update 5/14 Turns out that wasn't all you needed to know - and there are some conditions where either the April CU referenced below (original post - not the new one in this section) would not install (expected product not found) or it would install but the database updater would not be triggered and the April CU database updates not get applied - most importantly the 'lost resource' fixes.  So if you have loaded and your database version was not updated to at least 15.0.4605.1000 then you should load the new full April CU that also contains the missing fixes - . There are a couple of typos that say 2010 in the current article - and we have a request to get the list of fixes added - once this is complete I will post a new 'all you need to know' posting - but wanted to get this information out there. ***


I think we have thoroughly confused people with the Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Project Server 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013 release, re-release and the partial release of the April 2014 Cumulative Update (CU) for Project Server and SharePoint.  So here is a post with no more links to go read other stuff (apart from the links to the latest downloads and SharePoint info) and has all the questions I think people are needing answer to:

Q1.  I already downloaded and installed the original SP1 (KB 2817434) – what should I do with the new SP1?
A1.  You can install the new Project Server 2013 SP1 (KB2880553) right over the original one.  No rush to do this – nothing is changed just the ability to apply further patches. So might be easiest to plan the install of this new release when you next need to patch (April or June CU perhaps, and load SP1 first – the config wizard can be run after all patches have been applied)
Q2.  I already downloaded and installed the April CU for Project Server 2013 (KB 2863881) what should I do with the new SP1?
A2.  It will install right over the current April CU.  Again, no rush – nothing in SP1 that you won’t already have with the April CU.  Installing when you next patch (the remaining pieces of the April CU, see below, or the June CU – again SP1 first as mentioned in Q1)
Q3.  I already downloaded both the SP1 and April CU?  What do I do next?
A3.  As for Q1 and 2 – no rush – but apply the new SP1 release before your next update.
Q4.  If I’m not updating to the April CU just yet but will (or have) loaded SP1 - should I do the fix for the ‘lost resources’ issue? (KB 2933444)
A4.  Yes, applying SP1, either the original or re-release will have replaced the ‘old’ stored procedures – please action KB 2933444 – even if you hadn’t before.  Unless you do this you are vulnerable to the lost resources issue until you apply the April CU.
Q5.  What did you say about the remaining April CU fixes?  What fixes didn’t we get so far?
A5.  There is another patch that has not yet been released and I don’t have an ETA just yet – but it contained fixes for timesheet view load issues, status updates for master projects, unprotected baseline issues and grouping in views.
Q6.  Where are the ‘uber’ packages for SharePoint and Project?
A6.  Due to certain packages being delayed the roll-up packages were not released.  At this time I am not sure if they will get released along with the ‘missing’ patches or not.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed in June with the usual line up of patches.  You can install all the individual patches you need before running the configuration wizard.
Q7.  Do I need to run the configuration wizard after loading the new SP1?
A7.  Yes.
Q8.  I haven’t applied any of this yet – where should I start?
A8.  If you are waiting for a specific fix that is in the released April CU then I’d get that patched, along with the re-release SP1 (order does not matter).  If you need one of the other fixes that are mentioned in Q5 and not desperate for any other fixes then you could wait – but worth making sure you action KB 2933444 for the lost resources issue.
Q9.  What about SharePoint?
A9.  Much the same answers – they have a re-released Service Pack too and the same applies as I have mentioned above.  Stefan’s blog covers the details of the other packages.

If you have any questions – and I’m sure I missed some obscure scenarios - then either ask them here – or open a support incident and I am sure we can get you sorted.  Thanks to Vincent Capitaine (MVP) from Campana and Schott for suggesting this post.

Comments (9)

  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Office Service Pack broke levelling in Project Pro 2013 for me. 50 or so tasks set with priority 1000 would freeze the program.
    Went from 15.0.4569.1504 back to 15.0.4551.1507 by removing office service pack from Installed updates and the levelling functionality was restored.

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Now we have separate service packs for SharePoint and project server – do we have any precedence to install each of them?

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    John, I opened a support ticket for that issue about a month ago, waiting to resolve ;o))

  4. Hi John, Hincal – we did fix a levelling issue in the April CU – so worth seeing if that resolves the problem for either of you.
    •When you try to level resources in some projects that contain combinations of task constraints, Project may crash.
    Best regards,

  5. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Brian
    There are three packages on the download link now! This is getting more confusing by the day!

  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    There are 2 cab files and an upersrvprj.exe file in the downloads so I am guessing its this exe that’s required.
    However when attempting to install on SP1 the update fails to install "the update failed". I’ve only tried this on one rig so far…..

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    Turns out you need all three files :/

  8. Yes Carl – avoiding a 2GB limit so breaking things up – all files needed.

  9. anonymouscommenter says:

    Brian, do you still believe it is wise to synchronize the patch level of Project Server and Project Desktop? Are there significant risks of having large differences between them?

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