How to programmatically read additional mailboxes from an existing mail profile

Reading additional mailboxes from a given e-mail profile is much simpler than adding them. After retrieving all installed providers for the MSEMS service, just loop thru all providers and search for the ones with PR_PROFILE_TYPE set to the value 2.

This is documented here:

For each 'delegate store' simply read the following properties (which are later required if you want to add this mailbox to a different/new.... e-mail profile):


Here's a code snippet which shows on how to enumerate the installed providers for the MSEMS service:

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 // Enumeration for convenience.
 enum {iDispName, iSvcName, iSvcUID, cptaSvc};

 // This structure tells HrQueryAllRows what columns we want returned.
 SizedSPropTagArray(cptaSvc,sptCols) = { cptaSvc,
       PR_SERVICE_UID };
 // This structure tells HrQueryAllRows what columns we want returned.
 // Information when reading the installed provider services
 static SizedSPropTagArray(3, sptProvt) = {3, {  PR_DISPLAY_NAME,
       PR_PROVIDER_UID} };

 // Get an IProfAdmin interface.
 hRes = MAPIAdminProfiles(0, &lpProfAdmin);// Pointer to new IProfAdmin
 if (FAILED(hRes)) goto error_handler;
 // Get an IMsgServiceAdmin interface off of the IProfAdmin interface.
 hRes = lpProfAdmin->AdminServices(lpszProfile, "", NULL, 0, &lpSvcAdmin);// Pointer to new IMsgServiceAdmin.
 if (FAILED(hRes))
  printf("Can't open Mail profile %s\n", lpszProfile);
  goto error_handler;
 // We now need to get the entry id for the Exchange service.
 // First, we get the Message service table.
 hRes = lpSvcAdmin->GetMsgServiceTable(0, &lpMsgSvcTable);// Pointer to table
 if (FAILED(hRes)) goto error_handler;
 // Set up restriction to query table.
 sres.rt = RES_PROPERTY;
 sres.res.resProperty.relop = RELOP_EQ;
 sres.res.resProperty.ulPropTag = PR_SERVICE_NAME;
 sres.res.resProperty.lpProp = &SvcProps;

 SvcProps.ulPropTag = PR_SERVICE_NAME;
 SvcProps.Value.lpszA = "MSEMS";

 // Query the table to get the entry for the Exchange message service.
 hRes = HrQueryAllRows(lpMsgSvcTable, (LPSPropTagArray)&sptCols, &sres, NULL, 0, &lpSvcRows);
 if (FAILED(hRes)) goto error_handler;

 // Test if exchange service was found
 if (lpSvcRows->cRows == 0)
  printf("MSEMS Service not found in Mail profile %s\n", lpszProfile);
  goto error_handler;

 // Get a provider admin pointer.
 hRes = lpSvcAdmin->AdminProviders((LPMAPIUID)lpSvcRows->aRow->lpProps[iSvcUID].Value.bin.lpb, 0, &lpProvAdmin);
 if (FAILED(hRes)) goto error_handler;
 hRes = lpProvAdmin->GetProviderTable(NULL, &pMTProviders);
 if (FAILED(hRes)) goto error_handler;
 hRes = HrQueryAllRows(pMTProviders, (LPSPropTagArray)&sptProvt, NULL, NULL, 0, &pProvRows);
 if (FAILED(hRes)) goto error_handler;


At this point, the rowset pProvRows contains all installed provider services for the MSEMS service and you can loop thru and read the properties.

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