Community Spotlight: Putting a “Send Popup” Activity Back in Orchestrator

In the previous Opalis release, we shipped a standard activity called “Send Popup”, which used the Windows messaging system to create a popup on a user’s desktop. We removed that activity because the method we used was incompatible with Windows Server 2008 (it only worked on older platforms). However, it was a good activity for testing runbooks and allowed for some limited form of interactivity between runbooks and users.

Stefan Horz, one of our Microsoft Partners and perennial forum-poster, has an Orchestrator community site in German (and he also has posts in English) where he talks about a number of things, including building a custom version of the “Send Popup” activity using nothing more than the Orchestrator Integration Toolkit, a command line, and Windows “MSG” utility.

Check out his blog post here: Building our own Message Activity with Orchestrator Integration Toolkit (OIT).