Skype for Business on Mac CU1 Released!

I am happy to announce our first update for the new Skype for Business on Mac client just 3 weeks after the announcement of general availability. The enhancements in this update will include:


- Contact group management features for Office 365 / Skype for Business Server 2015 customers

- Contact tagging for status changes

- Improvements to meetings reliability, sign-in, and chat


Microsoft is committed to enhancing the Skype for Business on Mac client at a regular pace. To read more about these updates, see (and save as a favorite!) our What’s New Office article.



We have made some changes to how Single/Tabbed Windows now work in the client – in some cases we allowed users to configure even when your architecture did not support it.  This often lead to message delivery failures. We made the decision to remove this capability for those customers affected with this update.  Some of you may not have the Single/Tabbed Window experience available now. We know this is a high interest feature – the team continues to work on this for future updates. Stay tuned.


To learn more about this or other items, please check known issues.


For customers who have already installed the client, The Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) will offer the update to you. If this is the first time you are installing, the client on the download center will be updated in the next few hours.


Please visit us at the Microsoft Technical Community to discuss this news as well as other Skype for Business on Mac client topics.


- Paul Cannon, Product Marketing Manager – Skype Experiences

Comments (7)
    1. Paul says:

      Thanks Jane – hope this November update is helpful. Stand by as we work to bring in a December update as well!

  1. sudheer kumar says:

    how to merge chant windows ???
    each conversation is opening in one new window

    1. Paul says:

      Hi Sudheer,

      Thanks for your feedback – we currently have turned off single window for chat due to the reasons noted in the blog. Stand by as we get our December update ready… for December 🙂

  2. zoph says:

    Hello, do you know if this version can send messages to external users (federation) with other Office 365 enterprises clients.

  3. BRETT J DURNELL says:

    Still no peer to peer screen sharing?

  4. Thomas S says:

    Hi Paul,

    Is there any progress on the peer to peer desktop sharing? This feature is available on lync 2011. What is preventing microsoft to enable this feature on the new version?


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