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How to Get Office Web Apps Server 2013 to Report a Healthy Health Status

I see this a lot in customer environments with Office Web Apps Server 2013 deployed for use with Lync Server 2013, where if you run the Get-OfficeWebAppsMachine cmdlet, the HealthStatus parameter is Unhealthy:

However, even though Office Web Apps Server 2013 reports as unhealthy, as far as Lync Server 2013 is concerned, everything is working fine.  Presenters in meetings are able to upload PowerPoint presentations and attendees can see the presentations.  So what is causing the unhealthy status and how do you fix it?

How to Enable Detailed Logging in Lync Web App

I was troubleshooting an issue with media connectivity in Lync Web App and needed to gather additional information on what was happening with the Lync Web App.  By default LWA logs some basic information.  Unfortunately this didn't tell me what I needed.  In order to get more detailed logs from LWA, you just need to append the following to the meeting join URL:

Effects of Changing a User's SIP Address in Lync Server 2013

A question I get a lot when talking with administrators about Lync is how to handle name changes and what effect changing a user's SIP address has on other users.  In the example below we will look at the effects of changing a user's SIP address and what other user's will need to be aware of.

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