Announcing the Release of the Updated Lync Connectivity Analyzer

Abstract: We are excited to announce an update to the Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer. This update adds support for Office 365 accounts, Lync Mobile 2013 app deployment requirements, improved accessibility, and bug fixes.

Author: Phillip Garding, Senior Program Manager – Lync Client

Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Product Version: Lync Server 2013, Lync Server 2010


We released the first version of Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer in February, 2013, and it’s time for an update! The new version adds the following features:

  • Support for testing Office 365 accounts
  • Support for testing Lync Mobile 2013 app deployment requirements
  • Improved accessibility support for keyboard navigation, screen readers, and high contrast
  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Bug fixes

Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer helps Lync administrators determine whether the deployment and configuration of their Office 365 or on-premises Lync Server environment meets the requirements to support connections from Lync Windows Store app and Lync apps on mobile devices. Lync Connectivity Analyzer attempts to connect to Lync Server on-premises or Lync Online by using the same services and protocols that are used by Lync Windows Store app and Lync mobile apps. You can perform the connection tests over your internal network or over an external network that connects to Lync Server or Lync Online. Lync Connectivity Analyzer provides a report with detailed information about each connection step to help you validate your configuration and troubleshoot connection problems.

Figure 1. Lync Connectivity Analyzer report

Lync Connectivity Analyzer tests the following Lync Server components:

  • Autodiscover service
  • Authentication Broker (Reach) service
  • Mobility (MCX) service
  • Mobility (UCWA) service
  • WebTicket service

Lync Connectivity Analyzer tests the configuration of the following other components:

  • Publication of DNS records for Autodiscover URLs
  • Certificates
  • Proxy servers

Lync Connectivity Analyzer also provides a detailed report so you can see exactly what URLs, services, and protocols are used at each step to help you understand how the Lync apps operate and to help you debug and troubleshoot problems.

Figure 2. Detailed report

To download Lync Connectivity Analyzer, go here:




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  1. Still confused by this says:

    Externally, my iPhone’s with the Lync App can connect to the Lync Server but Office 2013 Lync Clients can’t. Where is an analyzer for that?

  2. Tomi Hakkarainen says:

    Hi, it would be nice to have analyzes for integration connectivity example exchange ews…
    How about it?

  3. Anonymous says:

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