LyncBeat: How to Set Up Lync 2010 SCOM Management Pack and Synthetic Transactions

Lync MVPs are a fountain of deep knowledge on Lync Server--which they share generously on their own blogs. Our goal with the new LyncBeat series is to evangelize these great information channels. Thus, every week or so, we will shout out a blog and article that we think will interest you.

Today’s shout out goes to Lync MVP, Tom Arbuthnot, author of the Lync’d Up blog. Be sure to bookmark the blog and check often for new articles.

Tom Arbuthnot shares the high-level steps (with copious screenshots) for deploying the SCOM Management Pack for Lync and then shows how to set up synthetic transactions that can be run against a pool with test users to ensure that everything is working as expected. He also shares a few errors he hit in completing the process and their solutions.

Author: Tom Arbuthnot

Publication date: January 25, 2013

Product version: Lync Server 2010, SCOM 2007 R2, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

Keywords: SCOM Management Pack

Check out the full article: How to Setup Lync 2010 SCOM Management Pack and Synthetic Transactions.

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