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Publication date: September 24, 2012

Lync 2013 Architecture | EXL314

During this session, we will cover new and improved capabilities of Lync 2013 in the core workload, mobile access, scaling, security, manageability, and ease of operations. This includes architectural underpinnings for these changes and details around the Lync 2013 Server Management, high availability, Lync Online Manageability, Remote PS, LOCP, RBAC, and hybrid management.

Lync 2013 Meeting Improvements | EXL316

Lync 2013 has optimized the meeting experience. Learn about how to make meetings more personal with multiparty video, more productive with OneNote and PowerPoint integration, accessible from a wide range of platforms and devices, and how to scale to 1,000 people.

Lync 2013 Deployment | EXL321

Lync 2013 includes new options for deploying and migration. This session will transfer knowledge about the homogenous setup flow to include new roles and features, new hardware and software requirements along with the new capacity model, and new/updated tools for the setup & administration.

Lync Customer Panel Q & A | EXL214

Hear from customers that have deployed Lync as an IP-telephony platform. Why did they deploy it. How did they deploy it. What was their business case. Things to consider while deploying Lync.

Lync 2013 Voice Improvements |EXL325

Lync 2013 has improved the voice experience. Learn about Voice in the cloud, including IP phone support and Hybrid voice providing on-premises interoperability with Lync Online. Learn about network stack changes including support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for both mixed (v4/v6) & standalone environments. Understand how to implement robust session management with trunk to trunk routing, call routing with multiple gateways and IP-PBXs. Discover user functionality changes including delegation enhancements including Shared Line Appearance (w/IP phone) and simring delegate calls and more administrative control of calling with per-call authorization for forwarding & simul-ring.

Demystifying Integration of Lync to your Existing PABX | EXL231

You already own a PABX that you are not yet ready to replace fully with Lync but would like to integrate your PABX to Lync and leverage the most out of Lync as well as your legacy or new PABX. What options do you have? Why are some better than others ? What is supported? Come and find out what others around the world are doing.

Lync 2013 and Enterprise Networking | EXL334

Lync 2013 can leverage capabilities deployed on your network to enhance the call quality and user experience. Attend this session to learn about deployment guidance for Lync over Wi-Fi networks, an overview Lync 2013 Media monitoring and troubleshooting, IPv6, and how to enable real-time media traffic over Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, we will cover the Lync 2013 QoE architecture, metrics, & media troubleshooting.

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