Join meeting audio from



Registry locations


Allowed registry values

0: Do not join audio

1: Join meeting audio using Lync

Registry value type


Default setting

Not present (join meeting audio using Lync)


By default, any time you join a meeting using Microsoft Lync a dialog box similar to this will pop up asking which audio source you want to use for the meeting:



Note. What if you don't want to see this dialog box each time you join in a meeting? In that case, see the article Prompt me before joining to confirm or select another audio source.


By default Lync preselects the option Use Lync (integrated audio and video). But what if you'd prefer that Lync preselect the option Do not join audio? (Sorry, but the answer is no: you can't preselect the Call me at option.) That's fine; you can select your default audio source from the Options dialog box by selecting the desired value from the Join meeting audio from dropdown list:





But you know what? You're right: dropdown lists are nowhere near as much fun as managing settings via the registry and, preferably, by using a Windows PowerShell script. To that end, the following PowerShell script retrieves the current value of the HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Communicator\JoinAudioConferenceFrom registry value on the local computer. If you'd prefer to retrieve this value from a remote computer, simply set the value of the variable $computer to the name of that remote computer. For example:


$computer = ""


Here's the script for retrieving the JoinAudioConferenceFrom value:


$computer = "."


$registry = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey("CurrentUser", $computer)

$key = $registry.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Communicator", $True)


$value =$key.GetValue("JoinAudioConferenceFrom",$null)

if ($value -eq 1) {$value = "Lync"}

if ($value -eq 0) {$value = "Do not join meeting audio"}

Write-Host "Join audio conference from: $value"


Even better, here's a script that sets the value of JoinAudioConferenceFrom. In this script, the script sets the default audio source to Lync; that's done by setting JoinAudioConferenceFrom to 1. To set the default audio source to Do not join audio, set JoinAudioConferenceFrom to 0:




Here's the script:


$computer = "."


$registry = [Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey]::OpenRemoteBaseKey("CurrentUser", $computer)

$key = $registry.OpenSubKey("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Communicator", $True)





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