Lync Server 2010 Documentation Update: May 2011

Today the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 documentation team released an update to the technical library, which includes a backup and restoration guide, additional wildcard certificate support information, guidance for configuring federation support for Lync Online 2010 customers, and much more!

Author: Patricia Anderson

Publication date: May 18, 2011

Product version: Lync Server 2010

Today, we released an update to the Lync Server 2010 Technical Library.

New Documentation and Tools Available

Lync Adoption and Training Kit

The Lync Adoption and Training Kit provides a one-stop-shop for guidance and customizable training resources for IT Pros, HelpDesk, and Trainers. 

Figure 1. The Rollout and Adoption Workbook

The Lync Adoption and Training Kit offers the following:

  • A Rollout and Adoption Workbook that provides a project timeline, tasks, and supporting resources for each phase of rollout and adoption.
  • Rollout and Adoption Primers, which give prescriptive guidance on how to get started with each phase, best practices, and lessons learned from Microsoft’s internal rollout of Lync.
  • Rollout and Adoption Resources, including guidance on how to create an adoption team, email templates, pilot phase sign-up forms, and awareness resources, including Lync posters, table tents, and stickers.
  • Customizable, rebrandable user education and training resources, including Quick Reference Cards, Short How-to Videos, Training Videos, and a customizable How-to Training Tool.
  • A new Tools and Apps section, which offers buzz-worthy applications, such as IM an Expert, along with training tools, including the Lync Custom Intranet Site and the Lync How-to Training Tool.

Updates to Existing topics

Technical updates have been made to the documentation, as described in this section.

SQL Server Updates

We updated the documentation to show added support for SQL Server 2008 R2 for all databases, except Group Chat databases. For details, see Database Software and Clustering Support in the Supportability document and other sections that describe database support.

Service Pack Updates

We updated the documentation to clarify support for the software service packs and to show support for the latest service packs for all software, across all documentation.

IIS Updates

We added information about using non-system drives for Internet Information Services (IIS) to topics across the documentation set. For details, see:

Multiple Forest Updates

We removed misleading multiple-forest language for Microsoft Exchange Server support. For details, see:

Supportability Updates

We updated Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) information. For details, see:

Planning Updates

We applied several technical corrections to the Planning documentation.

For technical clarifications about supported characters in fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), see:

For information clarifying locating IIS on a non-system drive, see:

For clarification on a technical discrepancy, which shows the correct maximum number of invitations is 1 million, not 100,000, see:

For aclarification of support for public instant messaging (IM) (no conferencing support), see:

For updated wildcard and simple URL information for certificates in the reference architectures for external user access, see:

For updated information about DNS for site resiliency at branch locations, see:

For clarified IP phone support, see:

For updated information indicating that analog fax calls are not supported through a SIP trunk, see:

Security Updates

We updated multiple topics. For details, see:

Deployment Updates

For added VIP information for hardware load balancing, see:

For updated guidance about locating Lync Server information on a non-system drive, see:

For updated FQDN information for Group Chat, see:

For updated disk information for client bootstrapping policies, see:

The DHCP option 0150 changed to 15 for deploying Lync 2010 Phone Edition. For details, see:

Migration Updates

We added summary of migration process. For details, see:

We updated Communicator interoperability information. For details, see:

We added a note about pilot FQDN. For details, see:

We added information about moving conferencing directories before decommissioning. For details, see:

We added information about an issue with Move-Cs-LegacyUser. For details, see

We removed a note about support for previous versions of Communicator Web Access. For details, see:

We removed a procedure that does not apply to previous versions. For details, see:

We removed references to conference directories. For details, see:

Operations Updates

We fixed a code error and corrected policy descriptions. For details, see:

We moved operating and maintaining Group Chat topics out of Using the Group Chat Configuration Tool into a separate section. For details, see:

We fixed links to art for device troubleshooting. For details, see:

We changed references to ucupdate-R2 to ucupdateS-R2. For details, see:

We fixed information for port range configuration for Quality of Service (QoS). For details, see:

Windows PowerShell Updates

For New/Set-CsExternalAccessPolicy, EnablePublicCloudAudioVideoAccess parameter, we changed “True” to “False” in this sentence: When set to True, audio and video options in Lync 2010 will be disabled any time a user is communicating with a public Internet connectivity contact. For details, see:

For New/Set-CsConferencingPolicy, MaxMeetingSize parameter, we changed maximum of 250 to any whole number (250 recommended). For details, see:

For New/Set-CsConferencingConfiguration, ClientMediaPort and ClientMediaPortRange parameters, we changed information to indicate these are for legacy clients. For details, see

Prior Updates

Lync Server Resources

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