Lync Server Cmdlet Mind Maps

Here at the Lync Server PowerShell blog, we’ve been providing you with as much information as we can on using the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that ship with Microsoft Lync Server. We have a full all-in-one list of cmdlet descriptions; we have a section where we’ve mapped the UI to the cmdlets; and of course we have articles scattered about everywhere. What we don’t have (yet) is anything that’s interactive.


But that’s okay, because (fortunately for everyone) we’re not the only ones out here writing about Lync Server PowerShell. Tom Arbuthnot, a consultant at Modality Systems who works extensively with Microsoft Unified Communications, has come up with something we thought was pretty cool: Lync PowerShell Cmdlets Mind Maps.


Using Adobe Flash, Tom came up with a visual representation of the cmdlet structure:



You can view cmdlets by verb or by category. By clicking around you can expand to see a list of cmdlets as well as the cmdlet descriptions:



Like we said, we thought this was pretty cool and could be really useful in helping you to learn about PowerShell in Lync Server.


Thanks Tom!


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